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Walrus | DEEP SIX COMPRESSOR V3 | Studio Grade Compressor Pedal

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Version 3 of the Studio-grade Compressor in Guitar Pedal Form

Revamped with input from users and artists everywhere, version 3 of the popular Walrus Audio Deep Six now features a Tone control (bass cut) to keep your signal squeaky clean through all states of compression — from funk scratching to total obliteration. The Deep Six V3 is a studio-grade compressor in a convenient pedal form factor, inspired by the performance of a classic FET leveling amplifier and the simplicity of much-loved vintage compression stompboxes. Fitted with Level, Sustain, Attack, Tone, and Blend knobs, the Deep Six V3 offers tremendous versatility for any incoming pickup signal: active, passive, humbucking, or single-coil. Updated artwork from designer Adam Forster gives version 3 of the Deep Six added visual punch.

Ready for all your electric guitars

The Deep Six’s Attack control lets you optimize compression for either low- or high-output instruments, while its Blend knob is perfect for mixing in a portion of the uncompressed signal for a more natural sound. Polarity never becomes an issue, thanks to its onboard polarity correction circuit. And for maximum headroom and battery life, internal voltage is doubled to 18 volts while maintaining a typical 8.9mA current draw. 

Walrus Audio: built by tone-tweakers for tone-tweakers

The artists, musicians, and engineers at Walrus Audio take pleasure in chasing sounds that inspire, like the perfect breakup of an overdrive, a beautifully thick distortion, an endlessly sustaining reverb, and a self-oscillating delay. Simply put, these guys love to play with sound. They design stompboxes that re-create the sonic textures that they hear in their heads. Built by tone-tweakers for tone-tweakers, Walrus Audio’s guitar pedals are as versatile as they are functional. Complete with eye-grabbing graphics, Walrus Audio’s pedals are the perfect tools for guitarists who want to sculpt their own unique sounds.

  • Version 3 of the studio-grade compressor in guitar pedal form
  • Level, Sustain, Attack, Tone, and Blend controls
  • Features updated artwork from designer Adam Forster
  • Robust, attractive die-cast enclosure
  • Power requirements: 9-volt DC (100mA minimum)
  • Internally runs at 18 volts
  • Onboard polarity correction circuit
  • Isolated power supply recommended (not included)
  • Daisy-chain power supplies not recommended