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Faith Guitars

Designed by the UK's finest guitar luthier, Patrick James Eggle.
Multiple Winner of the UK's Best Acoustic Guitar Award,
Faith Guitars have always been popular and praised by our customers.

Their incredible quality of 100% Solid Tonewood & Workmanship
is one reason for their positive reception, but also their affordability.

This has meant that their instruments have always been within the reach
of hobbyists and pros alike, catering for a range of players.

Now, have Faith in Gsus4,
we’re thrilled to now be stocking the latest instruments from Faith’s catalogue.

What’s new with Faith Guitars in 2018?
With excellent craftsmanship and features,
Faith guitars are meant to be played.
Perfect for live performance with their appealing designs,
they also boast incredible sounds great for capturing in the studio.

Faith Guitars have introduced a range of new and updated models
to provide more choice for players.
With so many models available,
it’s hard not to consider a Faith guitar
when thinking about your next acoustic purchase.

Plus, many of the new electro-acoustic additions to the Faith Guitars line-up
are now equipped with Fishman Isys T, Sonitone and Flex preamp systems.