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Electric / Bass / Acoustic Guitar
Setup, Repair, Modifications & Improvements

Gsus4 has a dedicated Guitar setup & repair table to serve our customers.

Our services include,
Re-string, General Setup & Clean, General Repair & Replacements, Fret Dress, Electric Parts Checkup & Replacement and Pickup Installation.

Pedalboard Building & Wiring

We love our pedals, and oftentimes we get asked to build pedalboard for customers. Whether it's solderless or soldered, mono or stereo, switchers or MIDI, flat board or angled board, we offer handful options to choose from to suit your need. 

Pedal boards and rigs are instruments in their own right these days and are as personal as your guitars; no two are the same and we are here to listen to you and to deliver a custom pedal board solution that fits your budget, your music and your playing needs.

We will work with you to provide a comprehensive plan that eliminates noise, creates intuitive and comfortable layouts, future proofing adaptability with safety of travel and ease of ‘load in, load out’.

We will listen to you and walk you through the various options and associated costs. We can also supply the components for you to self-build or we can deliver a complete solution including custom design, cabling, pedal mounting, arrangement and power supplies.

In-House Recording, Mixing & Mastering Studio

Under renovation now, details will available soon! Any inquiries, please send us an email to

In-House Cafe & Gsus4 Live Hall

Working with Jbrewers Cafe, our in-house cafe and Gsus4 Live Hall serves our local community with great hand brewed coffees and live music! Any inquiries on hall hire or catering services, please send us an email to

AV Installations & System Integration

Here at Gsus4, we do not just supply great music gears but also offer AV consultations & Installation services across Sydney area.  

We specialise in audio, visual, conference and lighting system integration, project management, design, installation and maintenance of all types of systems. We aim to supply and install the very latest equipment that best suits our client’s needs. No project too big or too small!