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SquarePlug | SP550-S | Low Profile Flat Right Angle TRS Connector | up to 5.8mm OD

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Colour: BLACK

The SP550-S right angle TRS connector is unlike anything of its kind! Currently the lowest profile soldered TRS right angle connector on the market, the SP550-S features a thickness of only 8.9mm (0.350"). The connector is the same width and height as its counterpart (SP400) 17mm x 28mm.

What makes SP550-S stands out though, is its ability [thanks to a super compact design] to be patched into adjacent and closely–spaced socket configurations [like the ones found on floor and rack based switching systems] where no other right angled soldered plug can.

With SquarePlug you get the performance and reliability of a soldered connector with virtually the same footprint of a solderless one!

The square connector allows it to be plugged adjacent to other square plug connectors, unlike the common "pancake" connectors within the industry.

The SP550-S connector fits cables with an O.D. of up to 5.8MM.

- Ultra–low–profile connector [measures only 8.9mm / 0.350" Deep x 17mm / 0.67" Wide x 28mm / 1.10" Tall] for highest packing density
- Serviceable, all–metal plug designed to snug–fit smaller diameter cables (5 to 6.2mm) for optimum strain relief and improved EMI protection
- 3 solder tabs for quick and easy soldering/desoldering
- Insulation sheet to prevent hot and ground signals from shorting

Works Great with Van Damme 268-001-000 (OD 3.6mm)Mogami W2549 (OD 6mm)  6mm OD gives perfect snug fit!

Compatible Switching systems are,
RJM Mastermind PBC/10
RJM Mastermind PBC/6X
RJM Mini Effect Gizmo
Disaster Area DPC5
Disaster Area DPC8EZ
Lehle Parallel L / Little Dual / SGoS series / P-Split II / 1AT3
Musicom Lab EFX 6M / 62M / 8L / MKIV / MKV / LE
The Gig Rig Quarter Master QMX2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10

SP400, SP500 and SP550 series are NOT compatible with,
BOSS ES5 / ES8, The Gig Rig G2 and VoodooLab Hex.