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MERIS | Ottobit Jr. | Stereo Bitcrusher Pedal | w/ Stutter Effect & Sequencer

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Gleefully glitchy, the Meris Ottobit Jr. bitcrusher takes the sound of vintage gaming consoles and expands it into a multifaceted stompbox for advanced sonic manipulation. The core of the Ottobit Jr. is its variable sample rate and bitcrushing controls, which allow you to add a dose of down-sampled grit or devolve a signal into sputtering, mangled nonsense. But, Meris pushes the boundaries of typical bitcrushers with triggered stutter effects and a sequencer module, which can drive pitch, filter, or decimation patterns. Equipped with straightforward controls, Ottobit Jr. is easy to use out of the box, yet it invites deep exploration and serves up a slew of effects, including rhythmic tremolo, wild filter modulations, and more. Both live and in the studio. Guitars, synth, bass, drums — crush them all with the Meris Ottobit Jr.

Ample onboard and external controls

The Meris Ottobit Jr. has intuitive onboard controls for taking advantage of the pedal’s stellar features. However, if you want to go even deeper, the Ottobit Jr. offers a multifunction expression jack for connecting a preset switch, an expression pedal, or a tap switch, or for using it as a MIDI I/O with an optional TRS-to-MIDI conversion box. No matter how you like to interface with your pedals, the Ottobit Jr. has you covered.

  • Stereo bitcrusher pedal inspired by vintage gaming consoles
  • Variable sample rates and bitcrushing controls for signal degradation
  • Trigger choppy, rhythmic stutter effects
  • Program pitch, filter, and decimation patterns with powerful onboard sequencer
  • Premium analog componentry with JFET input section
  • Handcrafted algorithms and extensive sound manipulation capabilities
  • Multifunction expression jack for MIDI, preset switching, and tap tempo
  • Rugged brushed aluminum housing
  • Designed and built in Los Angeles, California