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MERIS | Mercury 7 | Atmospheric Reverb Pedal | w/ Modulation & Frequency Dampening

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Taking its inspiration from the endlessly long and atmospheric modulated reverbs featured on the 1982 Blade Runner soundtrack by groundbreaking composer Vangelis, the Meris Mercury7 is a bold and exciting reverb pedal that guitarists, synthesists, and sound designers will adore. Named for the original group of American astronauts, the Mercury7 is a space-traveling reverberator that features handcrafted algorithms and extensive modulation capabilities, for swirling, ethereal, and evocative reverbs. The Mercury7 boasts high- and low-frequency dampening to control its tonal characteristics and an awesome auto-swell function for epic ambient crescendos. To add harmonic complexity to the wet signal, Mercury7 offers a Pitch Vector control with several intervals, including slight pitch up and down, fifth up, octave up and down, and shimmer. Like all Meris pedals, the Mercury7 has a deep feature set, accessible via a press-and-hold Alt control and/or expression jack, allowing you to tweak parameters such as pre-delay, modulation and vibrato speed and depth, attack time for the swell function, and a mix control for the pitch-shifted reflections. 

Ample onboard and external controls

The Meris Mercury7 has intuitive onboard controls for taking advantage of the pedal’s stellar features. However, if you want to go even deeper, the Mercury7 offers a multifunction expression jack for connecting a preset switch, an expression pedal, or a tap switch, or using it as a MIDI I/O with an optional TRS-to-MIDI conversion box. No matter how you like to interface with your pedals, the Mercury7 has you covered.

  • Unique reverb pedal inspired by the 1982 Blade Runner soundtrack
  • Premium analog componentry with JFET input section
  • Handcrafted algorithms and extensive modulation capabilities
  • Control the reverb’s tonal characteristics with high- and low-frequency dampening
  • Auto-swell function for epic ambient crescendos
  • Pitch Vector control with slight pitch up and down, fifth up, octave up and down, and shimmer
  • Multifunction expression jack for MIDI, preset switching, and tap tempo
  • Rugged brushed aluminum housing
  • Designed and built in Los Angeles, California