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MERIS | 440 Microphone Preamp | 500 Series | w/ DI & Effects Loop

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Designed for recording guitar, the Meris 440 mic preamp is an all-analog mic preamp with a classic analog console sound and a built-in, pedalboard-friendly effects loop. Install it in any 500 Series–compatible mic chassis and get ready to experience studio-grade audio quality with an unmistakable analog attitude. The Meris 440’s unique effects loop is a spectacular creative tool both during recording and mixdown, which empowers you to integrate your favorite stompboxes into your recording signal chain. While the Meris is aimed at guitarists, engineers at Sweetwater found that it sounds great on every source, and the effects loop feature opens up a world of possibilities when reamping tracks. Get ready to take your recordings to the next level with the Meris 440 mic preamp.

CineMag transformers impart the sound of an analog console

The Meris 440 employs CineMag input and output transformers and hybrid-discrete op-amps to capture the sound of an American console classic. This potent combination imbues the Meris 440 with a distinct analog character — full, fat, and warm. It’s a tonic for sterile digital recordings, adding vitality to every signal that passes through it. Whether you’re recording guitar, vocals, drums, or re-amping tracks through its effects loop, the Meris 440 wraps your audio in dreamy analog mojo.

Pedal-friendly effects loop for creative recording and re-amping

While it rocks simply as a mic preamp, the Meris 440 ups the awesome factor with a pedal-friendly post effects loop. Atmospheric effects, such as modulated delays, shimmer reverbs, and swirling choruses, in your guitar signal chain can lose clarity once they hit your amp. With the Meris 440, you can dial in your ideal clean or drive tone, mic it up, and run it through your favorite time-based and modulation pedals post amp. You get the best of both worlds — amp character and crystal-clear effects. But it doesn’t stop there. The Meris 440 is a perfect re-amping platform, letting you use your stompboxes like studio outboard gear. Crunch up your drums with fuzz. Add lush analog bucket brigade delay to vocals. Or get even weirder with multi-effects units. The possibilities are limitless! And, with two Meris 440s, you can have your effects in stereo!

Analog filters deliver a finished tone

Top engineers will tell you that it’s important to get the sound right at the source. Not only does it save you time during mixdown, but you also get a surer understanding of the tonal interaction of the instruments in your arrangement. To assist with this, the Meris 440 includes an all-analog highpass filter and high-frequency shelving. Cut out mud and low-end rumble with the highpass filter (which features selectable cutoff frequencies at 80Hz and 200Hz) and add sheen to the top end with high-frequency shelving, starting at 4kHz or 7kHz. You’ll enjoy a finished tone recorded straight into the box with no additional plug-ins required!

  • All-analog mic preamp with CineMag transformers and hybrid-discrete op-amps
  • Delivers the sound of a classic American recording console
  • Built-in effects loop opens up creative recording and mixing possibilities
  • Highpass filter and high-frequency shelving EQ deliver a finished tone
  • Compatible with all 500 Series chassis
  • 48-volt phantom power, -20dB pad, and phase reverse
  • Designed and built in Los Angeles, California