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JoeCo | Cello | Audio Interface for Purists | 384kHz Top+ Algorithm | JoeCo Preamps

by JoeCo
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384kHz Best-In-Its-Class Audio Fidelity

This remarkable new audio interface combines analog grit and warmth with cutting-edge technology. The thing that sets the Cello apart from other interfaces is the best-in-it-class audio fidelity. The interface can record at sample rates ranging up to 384kHz, resulting in unparalleled sound reproduction and sonic imaging.

The 22 input, 4 output interface combines high-end audio performance with classic design. The JoeCo Cello features two microphones inputs powered by discrete analog mic preamps with 80dB gain. It also includes dedicated buttons for the hi-pass filter, pad and phase reverse, allowing you to customise the performance of your interface for various sound sources and recording applications.

Custom Adaptive Conversion Technology

The Cello Audio Interface utilises in-house technology to offer new ADC and DAC filtering options. The custom Adaptive Conversion technology allows you to toggle between different sample rates and recording sources with ease. The exclusive new Top+ algorithm delivers high-end sparkle, providing added energy and expanse JoeCo’s renowned clocking algorithms have also been rewritten and adapted to the Cello interface.

Analog Warmth & Grit

The analog front end captures classic analog warmth blended with exceptional precision. The combination of analog and digital technology helps to bridge the gap between digital clarity and classic grittiness. The mic preamps utilise analog preamps to bring out the best from your microphones. The fully analog signal path provides exceptionally clean signal without any digital interference.

Integrated Talkback Microphone and Monitor Controls

The compact interface also includes an integrated talkback mic. The talkback mic is handy for communicating with musicians whilst recording, allowing you to give feedback and direction. He versatile monitor controls. You can also customise your setting with the JoeCoControl interface, providing comprehensive monitoring control. You can use the custom software to control most parameters and provide you with visual monitoring that you can use alongside your DAW.

Compact, Robust Design with Versatile Connectivity

The compact yet robust design features a sleek all-metal construction, utilising premium-grade components and controls for optimal durability. It provides insert points in both the mic channels for use with outboard equipment. It also includes S/PDIF and 16 channels of ADAT lightpipe for use with external preamps. The mastering-grade monitor outputs provide optimal performance and can also be used with external wordclock.

  • Best-in-its-class 22 input, 4 output USB 2.0 audio interface
  • 384kHz audio recording capabilities and 125dB dynamic range
  • Adaptive Conversion technology provides new ADC and DAC filtering options
  • Tailor your performance with the Cello by changing the sample rate and source your recording
  • True analog front end, delivering classic warmth and grit
  • Tactile control surface with integrated talkback mic
  • Versatile monitor controls
  • Two microphone inputs with discrete analog mic preamps with 80dB gain
  • Hi-pass filter, pad and Phase Reverse buttons
  • S/PDIF and 16 channels of ADAT lightpipe input are provided for use with external preamps
  • Mastering grade monitor outputs
  • Talkback mic built in
  • Core product features
  • JoeCo “hyper-stability” clock algorithms deliver outstanding jitter performance
  • Discrete analogue mic pres for optimum A/D conversion with separate line inputs
  • Mastering grade monitor outputs
  • Built in talkback microphone and monitoring control
  • User selectable ADC filtering options
  • JoeCoControl app for MacOS and Windows



  • 2 x mic inputs (offering up to 80dB mic gain) with:
    • Analog gain control
    • Phase reverse
    • Analog pad
    • Analog high-pass filter
    • 48v phantom power
    • Balanced line level insert sends for analogue outboard
    • Selectable Top+ feature to add subtle high frequency lift
  • 1 x Hi-Z Instrument input: Adjustable analog gain with control knob
  • 2 x Balanced line inputs / insert returns: Adjustable gain with control knob
  • ADAT digital inputs: 16 channels
  • SPDIF digital input: Optical or coax
  • Word Clock Input: Coax


  • Balanced Outputs: 2 (with master volume controlling stereo master output)
  • Stereo Headphones Outputs: 2 (with independent low latency headphone mixes)
  • Digital Output: SPIDF


- JoeCo Cello Software 1.04 for Windows & Mac, Manual 1.0 and Audio Metric

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