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McPherson Carbon Series | Sable | BLACKOUT Edition

McPherson Carbon Series | Sable | BLACKOUT Edition

At McPherson, they know that the best sounding guitars come in black. Introducing the all-new Carbon Series! These sleek, new, black instruments are perfect for any player looking for performance and style.

Now, the new Blackout Edition keeps the Sable's traditional shape and dimensions. The aesthetic changes begin with the fretboard. Replacing the reflective fret markers is a single double swoop, reminiscent of both the McPherson logo signature as well as the traced top edge of the Sable's body.

Further up the neck you'll see the tuners are now a deep, glossy, jet black featuring Gotoh 510 precision tuning machines (1:21). The finishing touch is the McPherson logo emblem you'll find on the headstock of every Sable, now with a rich black on black appearance.

The Blackout Edition also comes with Inlayed TUSQ bridge pins that are precision engineered under high pressure and heat specifically to deliver the maximum amount of vibration directly to the top of your guitar. This will ensure that all vibration from the strings is getting to your guitar’s body, giving you full tone with clear singing highs, expansive lows, and rich harmonic overtones.

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