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Faith Guitar | Models Comparison & Guides

Faith Guitar | Models Comparison & Guides

So, you want to buy a new acoustic guitar and you've decided to add one of the incredible Faith guitars to your collection. But which one should you go for? Hi-Gloss Series or Blood Moon? Natural Series or Naked Series? Granted, there is a lot to consider before pulling the trigger on buying your new Faith. Allow us to help you out with our complete Faith Guitars comparison where we look closer at every Faith series so that you can easily compare them side by side. Before we get started, you should always consider that the certain sound from one acoustic guitar may appeal to one player more than another - choosing a guitar is very much subjective and therefore a personal choice. There is no substitute for trying before you buy to see what sounds and feels best to you.

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Suitable for: Responds well to hard picking and strumming playing. A beautiful stage guitar that is sure to grab attention.
Topwood: AAA Solid Figured Indonesian Trembesi
Back & Side Wood: AAA Solid Figured Indonesian Trembesi
Electronics: Fishman INK3 Preamp and Fishman Undersaddle Pickup
Tone: Warm and balanced. Similar tonal qualities to Mahogany with a little top-end sparkle.

It’s no secret now that the Faith Blood Moon series has become one of the UK’s most popular acoustic guitar ranges. Having been voted ‘The UK’s Best Acoustic Guitar’ upon its launch in 2016, it’s easy to see why the Blood Moon series has been turning so many heads ever since. They feature the finest, figured Javanese Trembesi for the top, back and sides, finished in stunning deep-oranges, bursts of ochre and mid-red stains. Indigenous to the Indonesian island of Java, Trembesi is a loose relative of Indonesian Mahogany, and you can, therefore, expect similar tonal qualities commonly associated with Mahogany: a warmth and balance across the strings. Trembesi does have an extra little rosewood-eque, top-end sparkle though. Plus, did we mention that they look stunning!


Suitable for: A good choice for soloists and fingerstyle players.
Topwood: Solid Engelmann Spruce
Back & Side Wood: Solid Rosewood
Electronics: Fishman INK3 Preamp and Fishman Undersaddle Pickup (Series includes some acoustic-only models)
Tone: Bright and lively, with great clarity.

All Faith guitars feature all-solid tonewoods. HiGloss models are no exception with their high-grade Engelmann Spruce tops and highly-figured Rosewood back and sides. Tonally, this combination of wood is generally bright and lively, with great clarity – aided by their all-over gloss finish. The frequency curve resembles a smile: high on the bass, dropping down through the middle and climbing once again at the top end, meaning individual notes shine through well, lending itself particularly well to fingerstyle and solo pieces.


Suitable for: A good choice for recording artists. Ideal for accompaniment and strumming.
Topwood: Solid Engelmann Spruce
Back & Side Wood: Solid Mahogany
Electronics: Fishman INK3 Preamp and Fishman Undersaddle Pickup (Series includes some acoustic-only models)
Tone: Classic mix of Spruce and Mahogany - Delivers a balanced sweet, mellow and warm tone.

The Faith natural series is the most stripped-down option in our Faith guitars comparison guide. The Natural series was the very first style of Faith Guitar. They embody the essence of the high-quality design and high specification detail on show throughout Faith’s entire guitar range courtesy of their world-renowned British designer and luthier Patrick James Eggle. Using a classic mix of high-grade Englemann Spruce for the top matched with satin finished Mahogany for the back and sides, they sound sweet, mellow and warm, delivering a balanced tone. Notes blend well, making the Faith Natural series perfect for strumming and accompaniment styles. They sit well in a mix when recorded.


Suitable for: Players seeking a high-quality acoustic with bags of visual appeal from Faith’s middle price range.
Topwood: Solid Mahogany
Back & Side Wood: Solid Mahogany
Electronics: Fishman Presys2 / Fishman Sonicore
Tone: Emphasis on mid-range frequencies. A distinctive tonal voice.

For guitarists wanting an affordable acoustic with bags of visual appeal and excellent spec, Faith Nexus series guitars tick all of the boxes. From Faith’s middle price range, Nexus guitars are beautiful, gloss-finished models with all-solid Mahogany tops, backs and sides. Free of unnecessary cosmetic embellishments, Faith Nexus guitars instead place an emphasis on the tonewood’s natural variations and the hand-applied Copper-Black or Cognac stains to add visual appeal. And we think they look great! Their all-solid Mahogany construction means you can expect guitars that love to be played hard and that deliver a distinctive tone, with a prominent mid-range.


Suitable for: For players of all levels wanting a satin-finished uncomplicated guitar that is incredibly responsive and that longs to be played.
Topwood: Solid Engelmann Spruce
Back & Side Wood: Solid Indonesian Mahogany
Electronics: Fishman Presys-1 Preamp and Sonicore Pickup (Series includes some acoustic-only models)
Tone: Solid-tonewood guitars free from cosmetic flourishes, resulting in acoustics that are almost completely unrestricted in resonant movement. Can only mean one thing… Great natural tone!

The Naked series is one of Faith’s most popular series – and for good reason. They are incredibly priced all-solid tonewood guitars where all cosmetics and non-essential dressing have been stripped away. This leaves the guitars in their natural state, meaning the tone delivered far exceeds what is normally anticipated at this price point. With the Faith Naked series, you can expect incredibly responsive acoustics that wear their hearts on their sleeves and are a joy to play.


Suitable for: For players who frequently travel with their guitar. Perfect for camping trips, festivals, or around a beach campfire. Also great for players who simply find a physically smaller guitar easier to handle.
Topwood: Solid Spruce / Solid Mahogany
Back & Side Wood: Solid Mahogany
Electronics: Fishman Sonicore Pickup and Isys T preamp.
Tone: Mini powerhouses made from all-solid tonewoods like their bigger Faith siblings. Take it anywhere but don’t compromise on your sound quality. What’s not to like?

The Faith Nomad series is the most travel-friendly option in our Faith Guitars comparison. Are you someone who just can’t be without your acoustic? Do you take yours on holiday with you? To festivals? Faith Nomad series guitars are the perfect travel guitars designed for those who regularly travel with their guitar but who still want an acoustic that will deliver excellent tone and sound quality. Maybe you simply find a physically smaller acoustic easier to play. With a scale of 590mm, an all-solid tonewood construction and onboard electronics, look no further than Faith Nomad guitars. Unlike the majority of small-scale and travel acoustic guitars, Faith Nomad series models come with the added benefit of being fitted with excellent Fishman preamp systems – So, it turns out you can play your Faith Nomad at the local open mic night as well as on the beach. Win, win!

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