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Red-Eye Twin - Gain Adjustment for Magnetic Pickups

Red-Eye Twin - Gain Adjustment for Magnetic Pickups


I bought a twin last year and love it, but I was reading something about adjusting an internal trim pot for magnetic pickups. This that correct or did I read incorrectly?




The internal trim potentiometer, on the Twin circuit board, allows you to increase or decrease the overall gain of the Red-Eye Twin.  That pot is normally centered and the normal channel A and B Gain controls have plenty of range to work with all normal pickups, piezoelectric, active, or magnetic. 


A few customers have run into pickups that produce unusually high or low signal levels.  When that is the case, the overall gain control on the circuit board inside the Twin can be adjusted clockwise to increase or counter-clockwise to decrease the gain to compensate for pickups with abnormal signal levels.  The adjustment affects only gain…tone is not affected.  


It is pretty rare to run into a pickup that requires the trim pot to be adjusted.


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