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Elite Acoustic | EAE | StompMix 4 | Frequent Q&A and Firmware Update Info

Elite Acoustic | EAE | StompMix 4 | Frequent Q&A and Firmware Update Info


Click Here to download Firmware 1.02

Click Here to download User Manual 1.02 


“Updating unit will Erase all saved Pre-sets.”

Check the StompMIX4 Compact Digital Mixer Pedal current version firmware by holding down the “SYSTEM” button.

Download the firmware file and Run the .exe file, and follow the instructions.

1) Make sure unit is on MAIN Mix screen.

2) Connect the StompMix 4 USB

3) Run the update, (few seconds), it will ask you to wait for the StompMix 4 to re-initialize, but this will erase all your previous pre-sets.

4) once unit finish the updated, it will return to the Main MIX screen, you can check the Version by HOLDING down the SYSTEM switch.

What is NEW (1.01) 

– Added popup window for memory recall via foot switches. When the foot switches are assigned to “M- M+” if pressing a foot switch results in a memory being loaded (at least two memories are not empty), a page pops up showing the number of the recalled memory in large font.

– Added “1-4   FX” mode in the footswitch assign list. In this mode footswitch A mutes all channels at once and footswitch B mutes both the reverb and the delay at once.

– Added “M<  >A” mode to the output routing list for both Out1 and Out2. In this mode the left side of the output jack gets a mono version of the main mix, while the right side gets a mono version on the aux mix.  – you can now route your Dry signal using the Aux Mix and send it out on OUTPUT 1 MONO Right.

What is NEW (1.02) 

  • all items on V1.01
  • Add Shimmer Reverb



1) Can +9VDC be used to power the StompMix 4?

– Yes, just make sure it is 2.1mm Centre Positive. 9V or 12V 500mA.  Most Pedal board power supplies come with Negative Centre, a polarity reverse cable is needed to connect Negative Centre Power supplies to the StompMix 4.


2) Can I plug Passive Pickups directly into the StompMix4?

– Yes, most K&K passive pickup systems work with the StompMix 4.

(some very low output passive pickups might not work well.)


3)  Too Much Hiss on the outputs?

– Make sure the GAIN level knobs for Channel 1 and Channel 2 are NOT at MAX.

– Reduce the MIX input level to be about 12 o’clock for each channel.

– Check for possible Ground Loops

– Make sure to use Active Pickups or higher output Passive Pickups.

– Make sure output is “NOT” going into High Impedance Inputs on your Amplifier or PA system. Outputs from StompMix 4 should be connected to Line Inputs on the Amplifier or PA system.


4) Can Delay be used on all channels?

– No, Delay can only be used one channel at a time. It is assignable.


5) Can Channel 3 and 4 be used for Guitar with Passive Pickup?

– Yes. Most K&K passive Pickup systems will work.

*** CHAN 3 and CHAN 4 (TS jacks) *** we don’t recommend these inputs to be used with very low output Passive Pickups.


6) Should I use Mono TS cable or Sereo TRS Cable for the 1/4″ outputs?

Current production – Serial Number starts with “X42U” – use Stereo TRS cables.

*** OUTPUT 1 L/R  (TRS jacks) ***


7) How do I set the EQ on each channel?

– click the Encoder Knob (blue) to access the EQ settings.


8) Does StompMix4 support Tap Tempo?

– Yes.


9) Digital noise on outputs

– Check for possible Ground Loops.


10) Is output 2 (3.5mm jack) Stereo?

– Yes, it is a TRS jack, Tip is Aux Left and Ring is Aux Right.


11) Not getting scenes changes with M+ M- footswitches.

– Check and make sure 2 or more Scenes are saved.


 12) Recall Button on Memories page not working.

– A Quick Press (or Tap) is required, DO NOT hold the encoder button.


13) Can EFX be muted on all channels with one footswitch press.

– yes, A/B footswitches needs to be assigned to “1-4 EFX”.   (Footswitch A will Mute all 4 channels and B will bypass EFX) – page 12 of user manual.


14) How to check for most updated version firmware and UPDATE the unit if needed.

– Press and HOLD the system button, firmware version will be shown.

– Updates are done via USB, download the Updater from the following link and run it on a PC. You must have a USB cable and a PC that runs window XP and newer version windows.


15) is Updater available for MAC.

– it is not available at this time.


16) Can the Main Mix MONO and Aux Mix MONO be sent out via 1/4″ TS jacks or the 1/8″ TRS jack?

– Assign out1 or out2 with “M< >A”, MAIN Mix MONO is sent to 1/4″ TS LEFT output and AUX mix MONO is sent to 1/4″ TS RIGHT output. (page 13 of user manual)

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