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Wampler | PANTHEON Deluxe | Bluesbreaker Inspired DUAL Overdrive

by Wampler
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Wampler’s Pantheon has garnered a reputation as one of the most accurate blues-breaking pedals on the market. Now, with Dual Pantheon, you get double the destructive goodness. As the name suggests, the Dual Pantheon contains two independent Pantheon circuits, each with a different voicing. The first channel reproduces Clapton’s blues-breaking guitar tone. Meanwhile, the second channel offers an updated, boutique take on that classic tone. Each channel comes with individual controls — gain, level, treble, and bass — to dial in your sound. The gain channels are independent, which allows you to choose whichever tone you want or cascade both circuits for crisp harmonic distortion. That tonal flexibility, coupled with stereo I/O and MIDI I/O, make the Pantheon Dual the most versatile Wampler pedal yet.

Versatile controls for any situation

The Dual Pantheon’s classic circuit design already offers a dynamic tone. However, the team at Wampler decided to take its tone to new heights. Each of the Dual Pantheon’s channels comes with gain, level, treble, and bass controls. Further, independent 3-way gain level and 3-way voicing switches for each channel located on the sides. Together the toggles and other controls give you access to 200 possible gain configurations — talk about flexibility! There’s also a global presence control that imbues both channels with a top-end chime to fit whatever amp and guitar combination you’re using. Whatever musical style you’re rocking, the Wampler Dual Pantheon will fit right into your rig.

Inventive signal routing options

The Dual Pantheon has flexible signal-routing options that make it ideal for any guitar rig. First, each channel features its own input and output, allowing you to access either channel individually from your loop switcher-based rig or send the channels to different amplifiers. The channels can also be stacked to add yet another great-sounding drive to your setup. And the onboard stacking order switch lets you choose which circuit is pushing the other. But beyond that, the Dual Pantheon also has MIDI I/O that lets you switch channels from a MIDI switcher, which will save real estate on a hardware loop switcher.

  • 2-channel overdrive pedal based on the iconic vintage guitar tones
  • Channel 1 yields a classic blues-breaking tone
  • Channel 2 produces an updated, boutique sound
  • Per-channel gain, level, treble, and bass controls let you dial in the perfect sound
  • Independent voicing and gain level switches to shape tone further
  • Global presence control dials in high-end chime to match any amplifier
  • Both channels are individually selectable or stackable
  • Stacking order switch opens the door for extra tonal options
  • Stereo I/O lets you route each channel to your pedal switcher individually
  • MIDI I/O offers channel switching for MIDI-based rigs