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Wampler | MOXIE | TS10 Inspired Classic Overdrive

by Wampler
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From boutique builders to mass-produced manufacturers, every pedal maker out there has their own version of the classic green 3-knob dirtbox. The Moxie is Brian Wampler’s homage to that iconic pedal, but elevated with some serious tonal versatility! This overdrive pedal starts out with an authentic 4558 chip and top-tier components to deliver everything from a slight boost to roaring heavy overdrive tones — in short, it’s everything a great screamer-style pedal should be. However, that’s only the beginning: the Moxie has been upgraded with a Voice switch and a Fat switch to throw a wrench into the standard green OD design, providing you with both increased gain and enhanced clarity. Did we mention that it does all of this in a tiny mini-sized form factor? The Moxie overdrive may be steeped in tradition, but it's no clone: it offers a bold new take on the screamer-style formula.

Two custom switches for increased flexibility

Brian’s take on the classic green box overdrive pedal seriously switches up the tried-and-true 3-knob formula by tossing in a few extra switches for increased tonal flexibility.

  • Fat: By engaging the fat switch, the Moxie introduces a custom MOSFET clipping stage for a, as Wampler describes, “zen-like” overdrive tone. To put it simply, it ups the gain and body of your tone without introducing tone-sucking muddiness 
  • Voice: The original screamer-style overdrive is infamous (and beloved) for its huge midrange bump. As much as musicians love that iconic sound, it’s a far cry from the “transparent” sound that modern guitarists demand. To offer the same green OD flavor with a more natural feel, the Moxie features a Voice switch that cuts back on the mids, while simultaneously boosting the high and low frequencies. This results in a clearer, more articulate tone, and it serves as an excellent foil to the Moxie’s standard mid-heavy tone.
  • Based on a classic green overdrive pedal and powered by the classic 4558 for authentic screaming tones
  • Ultra-flexible design goes from a smooth boost to all-out amp-driving grit
  • Incredibly sensitive to picking dynamics
  • Stacks well with other overdrives
  • Voice switch enhances clarity and increases transparency by dropping midrange and kicking up the bass and treble
  • Fat switch incorporates a custom-designed MOSFET clipping stage to inject your sound with a dose of organic drive
  • Mini pedal form factor is exceptionally pedalboard friendly