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Wampler | EQuator | Advanced Parametric EQ Pedal

by Wampler
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Every guitar, pedal, and speaker that comprises your signal chain has a different character. And it's for this reason that traditional multiband graphic EQs often fall short. The Wampler EQuator EQ pedal, with its fixed Bass and Treble controls and fully sweepable 2-band semi-parametric midrange, gives you control where you need it and convenience where you don't. The EQuator's discrete analog circuitry imparts a sweet, airy presence and three-dimensional depth to your signal. Its 25dB of boost or cut quickly compensate for deficiencies in arrangements or equipment. You can even use the EQuator as a clean boost to drive your amp harder.

Simple, effective control set

Brian Wampler set out to create an EQ pedal that wasn't only more effective at shaping guitar signals than traditional graphic EQs, but one that was easier to set as well. We feel the EQuator succeeds at both goals, with set-and-forget Bass and Treble controls and a fully sweepable midrange that cuts mud, scoops mids, and accentuates bite and harmonics.

Discrete analog design

Much like our favorite EQs of all time, the Wampler EQuator is powered by discrete op-amps, not DSP.

9–18-volt operation

Tone pilots can dive deep into the EQuator EQ, thanks to its flexible 9–18-volt operation.

Bass and treble graphic EQs

With familiar pots instead of sliders, the EQuator's bass and treble graphic EQs quickly and effectively round out the extreme ends of your signal.Guitarists were fortunate enough to get our hands on one. The Bass control is set at around 120Hz to add fullness and depth and push speakers without stepping on your bass player. The Treble control is especially sweet, adding air and presence (around 5.5kHz) without imparting spikiness.

Semi-parametric mids with labeled sweet spots

The lion's share of the EQuator's tone shaping (~300Hz–5kHz) happens within the Mids 1 and Mids 2 controls. Its sweepable frequency centers zero in on resonance and peaks. And its 25dB of boost or cut offers limitless potential for coloration. A feature that we found especially handy in the EQuator are the visual sweet spots: common instrument and pedal resonances — TS-style, K-style, etc. — that are labeled for quick reference. Now you can dial back honk or accentuate pick attack even at stage volumes.

Doubles as a clean boost

The EQuator's Volume control is there to compensate for level changes due to any boosts or cuts you make. But Brian is the first to admit that it also makes one heck of a clean boost. So don't be afraid to crank the output to get the tone and drive you're after.

Not just for guitarists

Though distinctly guitar-centric in its design, the EQuator makes a fantastic EQ for bassists, keyboard players, and all electronic musicians. Its musical, studio-grade tone shaping offers more than enough control to smooth out stage and mix shortcomings.

  • A guitar-centric graphic/semi-parametric equalizer
  • Simple to understand
  • Powerful in its execution
  • Recording-grade, all-analog design
  • Doubles as a clean boost
  • Fixed Bass (120Hz) and Treble (5.5kHz) controls define the extreme ends of your signal, with powerful depth and a sweet top end
  • Semi-parametric Mids controls (300Hz–5kHz) cut mud, scoop mids, and boost attack
  • Mids labels provide visual reference for common instrument and pedal resonances
  • Not just for guitarists — great for bass and keyboard players, too
  • Convenient top-mounted input and output jacks
  • Flexible 9–18-volt operation
  • Powered by 9-volt battery or power supply (not included)
  • Made in the USA