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Wampler | CORY WONG Compressor | w/ Boost & XLR DI Output

by Wampler
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Cory Wong knows one thing all too well: dynamics fuel grooves. The Wampler Cory Wong Compressor pedal from the Grammy-nominated guitarist delivers premium dynamics shaping power, plus expanded connectivity with an extra XLR output for interfaces, PAs, and other direct methods. For years, Cory depended on the Wampler Ego for sparkling compression, complete with unrivaled blend and tone controls. Wampler revisited the Ego’s design and added a powerful boost section at Cory’s request. Hardly a rubber stamp addition, this independent boost section has its own footswitch and level control with two selectable EQ profiles — flat boost or mid-forward for rich saturation in the critical 550Hz range. Use it to push big riffs into the spotlight, as a makeup gain tool, a saturator, and much more. Other signature touches include an always-on button that locks the compressor section, top-mounted input jacks, premium heavy-duty barrel knobs, soft footswitches, and a ground lift for clarifying XLR signal of interference.

Let masterful shaping begin

For clean, funky tones that shine, Cory Wong turns to this pedal to subtly drive his cleans with precision control over EQ, sustain, and more. Unlike many compressors, Wampler’s blend and tone controls let you preserve dry signal and enhance character to astounding degrees, both subtle and extreme. Such meticulous control range crosses over easily from stages to studios, making this Cory’s go-to. Those who favor drive and heft can also get great mileage — after all, it’s based on an extremely popular, versatile compressor that happens to be Cory’s favorite. The boost channel’s proximity to the compressor makes it an ideal clean-tone saturator, but the boost’s range facilitates much more. Use it in tandem with the compressor for a massive solo boost that jumps from the speakers or on its own for dynamic bumps of any size. Placed near the front or end of long cable runs, the buffered boost channel also works well for passive signal preservation and active makeup gain that ensures usable levels.

Quiet, clean I/O for studios and stages

Are you tired of pedals that rock onstage but fall short in the studio? Of course, you are! The Cory Wong Compressor does both — exceptionally well. Soft footswitches fuel quiet channel hops and are paired with a 3-way LED for reading what’s active at a glance. This pedal’s XLR out is a huge asset in the studio, especially for clean styles. Use it to go straight into an interface or console for bright signature cleans with Wong-like presence. Used live, the XLR out ensures convenient routing for PAs and other direct methods. Of course, you can always use both outputs simultaneously to split your signal. Try recording direct via XLR while the primary output is sent to a separate effects chain for double-tracked depth that’s ripe for stereo panning.

  • Dual-function pedal with independent compressor and boost sections
  • Inspired by the Wampler Ego Compressor with signature Cory Wong additions
  • Excellent for funky, clean chime — but not just for Wong fans!
  • Blend, tone, sustain, attack, and volume control yield flexible compression and boost for any style
  • Auxiliary XLR output offers PA, mixer, and interface connectivity with superior fidelity
  • Boost section features 2 EQ profiles and independent level control
  • Choose your boost voice: saturated mids or full frequency
  • Always-on button bypasses footswitches to permanently engage the compressor — convenient for gigs!
  • Soft footswitches and 3-way LED indicator for easy tracking of modes
  • Built with premium components and a buffered op-amp bypass design