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Walrus | SLO | Multi Texture Reverb & Sustain Pedal

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Cavernous Reverb with Captivating Modulation

If you use reverb more as a sonic texture than as a subtle ambient effect, you’ll love the Walrus Audio Slo Multi-texture Reverb pedal. Three different reverb modes — Dark, Rise, and Dream — generate a huge range of effects, from smooth and lush to auto-swells and even atmospheric octave effects. Dial in some modulation (with three waveshapes available) for richly animated reverb trails. And for creative live performance potential, Slo’s momentary switching capability allows you to generate a brief burst of reverb to highlight specific notes or phrases. When you need reverb that creates a soundscape without overwhelming the core notes you’re playing, check out the Walrus Audio Slo Multi-texture Reverb pedal.

Three reverb modes cover a huge, expressive range

You’ll find three distinct reverb modes in the Walrus Audio Slo pedal. Dark adds a lower octave to the reverb trail for a deep and wide atmospheric soundscape. Rise mode is an auto-swelling reverb that gradually comes in after a note or chord is played. And Dream mode is a lush reverb with latch/freeze functionality — press the Sustain switch at any time to latch the reverb for an infinite reverb that lasts until you hit the Bypass switch (or Sustain switch again).

X knob controls a mode-specific parameter

The X knob on the Slo pedal controls a parameter specific to whatever reverb mode you’re using. In Dark mode, the X control sets the level of the lower octave signal. For Rise mode, the X control sets the amount of time it takes for the reverb to swell to full volume. And in Dream mode, the X knob sets the depth of its vibrato effect.

Momentary switching, sustain, and trails mode

You have access to two different switching modes with the Walrus Audio Slo pedal. Simply pressing the Bypass switch toggles the reverb on and off, while pressing and holding the switch generates a burst of reverb until you release the switch again. Pressing the Sustain switch while the reverb is engaged will ramp up the decay all the way and reduces it back to the amount set by the Decay knob when you release the Sustain switch. And for maximum flexibility, you can choose whether Slo cuts out the reverb instantly or allows it to decay naturally after you hit Bypass.

  • Reverb effects pedal for electric guitar
  • 3 distinct reverb modes — Dark, Rise, and Dream
  • Pitch modulation with 3 different waveshapes — Sine, Warp, and Sink
  • Sustain switch turns up reverb decay time until you release the switch
  • Bypass switch offers both on/off latching operation and momentary operation
  • Switchable trails mode determines whether reverb tail decays naturally after disengaging the effect
  • Generates huge atmospheric effects without overwhelming your core sound
  • Power supply not included — isolated power supply recommended