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Walrus | SILT | Harmonic Tube Fuzz | Built-In 12AU7 Vacuum Tube | Black

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The SILT is a collaboration between renowned tube expert Jim Hagerman and Walrus Audio — together, they’re rocking the hearts and minds of guitarists with an analog fuzz pedal that’s been overtaken by the warmth and harmonic complexity of its 12AU7 vacuum tube. This monster tube fuzz offers 2-in-1 operation, providing you with both a fuzz and a harmonic frequency doubler to create massive fuzz tones or add unique harmonic overtones. Add this sonic discovery to your pedalboard and exhibit your own harmonically rich fuzz tones to the world.

The 12AU7 fossil at the centre

It’s not every day we see fuzz pedals with tubes in them, and we were enthralled to learn just how Walrus Audio created this unique pedal. The star of this SILT show is the 12AU7 tube drive devised by Jim Hagerman and Walrus Audio. Thanks to the tube’s input in the signal chain, the pedal benefits from warm, bone-rattling fuzz that’s incredibly addictive. This sonic fossil adds a unique charm to the SILT while keeping the grit, growl, and harmonic complexity top-notch — only a tube-driven fuzz can get you this tone!

Dig deep into the SILT’s harmonic layers

The SILT isn’t a one-trick fossil. On the contrary, the pedal opens up further tonal layers through its Harmonic Mode. Switch on the Harmonic Mode to get a taste of frequency doubler-type pedal action that sits before the drive section. Try these crispy, octave-like sounds on your lead tones with your guitar’s tone knob rolled off!

More beneath the surface

When it’s time to adjust your fuzz tone, you can take advantage of the Contour control to achieve precise tone sculpting. The three modes of the contour switch translate to a high-pass, flat, and lowpass curve in the pre-tube EQ stage. Many guitarists find this especially helpful when switching between different styles of pickups. Contour is an excellent way for the SILT to adapt to your specific method of playing, whether you’re going for searing leads or wooley rhythm. What’s more, Walrus Audio designed the SILT for operation at nine volts to 12 volts, allowing you to supercharge the gain when engaged at 12 volts! Lastly, a true bypass circuit means you’ll emit a completely pure tone with the SILT disengaged while in your pedal chain.

  • An analog fuzz pedal with unique harmonic qualities and a vacuum tube at its center
  • A collaboration between Walrus Audio and renowned pedal expert Jim Hagerman
  • 12AU7 vacuum tube doles out amber warmth and bone-rattling fuzz
  • Engage the Harmonic Mode for frequency doubler-type action before the drive section
  • Refine your fuzz with the Contour Control that works like an EQ in the pre-tube stage
  • Can run from 9–12V operation; 12V gives a greater gain boost
  • True bypass circuit for pure tone when disengaged in the pedal chain