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Walrus | MAKO Series ACS1 | High-Fidelity Stereo Amp + Cab Simulator

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With the Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1 amp and cab simulator pedal, you can ditch the amplifier and speaker cabinet while taking supreme control over your tone. It packs the sound and touch response of classic guitar amplifiers and their complementary cabinets, with direct output to inject your tone to your sound system or recording interface. When used in stereo mode, you can use the same amp model for both channels, or you can apply a different amp model to each channel. Complete with amp-like EQ and gain controls, plus MIDI control for more advanced rigs, the Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1 is a smart choice whenever — and wherever — you need to go direct with your guitar tone.

Three iconic amplifier models

With its three premium amplifier models, the Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1 covers a wide tonal range. Choose Fullerton for the bright, clear sound of a vintage Fender tube amp. Select London for the rich, vivacious character of a 1962 Marshall Bluesbreaker. Or switch to the Dartford mode, offering the sweet and jangly character of a '60s-era Vox AC30.

Six cab models to explore, or load your own

The Mako Series ACS1 comes with six detailed speaker cabinet IRs, designed to complement the amp models for maximum tonal flexibility. Also noteworthy is the Room control, which allows you to dial in just the right amount of simulated ambience. Fully counterclockwise, you'll hear zero room ambience; the fully clockwise position emulates a large, well-balanced studio space. And if you prefer using your own impulse responses, you are be able to load your own IRs with the Walrus Audio app available at their website.

Customizable boost

Just like putting a boost pedal at the end of your pedal chain to hit your amplifier harder, the Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1 features a switchable boost to take your tone over the top. And it's customizable, too — click the switch on and adjust the volume and gain controls to fine-tune exactly how much of a boost you need. Press the boost switch again to save your preferred settings and return to normal operation.

User presets and advanced MIDI integration

Once you've dialed in a great guitar tone with the Mako Series ACS1, you can save it to one of three preset slots for instant recall. That's enough to make your own custom setting for each of the three amp models. And if you need more presets, you can access them via MIDI — you'll be able to save and recall up to 128 presets this way.

  • Modeled amp and speaker tones you can send direct to a mixing board or recording interface
  • 3 detailed amplifier models based on classic '60s tube amplifiers
  • 6 complementary speaker cabinet IRs, with controllable Room ambience
  • Load up your own impulse responses with Walrus Audio's app
  • Save up to 3 presets for instant recall, or up to 128 presets via MIDI
  • Impeccable audio quality with 24-bit/48kHz conversion, and 32-bit floating-point processing with SHARC and ARM co-processors
  • True stereo signal path allows you to use a different amp/cab configuration on each channel
  • Customizable boost with dedicated footswitch
  • Headphone output for silent practice sessions
  • Requires 9V DC power supply (300mA minimum); isolated power supply recommended (daisy-chain power supplies not recommended)