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Walrus | FATHOM | Multi Function Reverb Pedal

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Four Reverb Modes with Big Performance Potential

Whether you use reverb for subtle ambience or to completely drown your tone in evocative washes of sound, you'll be impressed with the Walrus Audio Fathom reverb pedal. Four different reverb algorithms reward you with everything from small rooms to long, modulated cascades of reflection. A sustain switch allows you to capture a sonic moment in time and hold it while you play over it. You can even hold the bypass switch down to use the Fathom reverb as a momentary effect for chord stabs and other embellishments. Complete with a double-octave Sonar reverb effect for a shimmering modern sound, the Walrus Audio Fathom pedal is a reverb you can really get creative with.

Four reverb modes cover a wide range of styles

In Hall mode, the Fathom reverb pedal offers a spacious, open sound with control over the pre-delay time. Plate mode delivers a vibrant plate reverb sound with complex midrange, also offering control over pre-delay. Lo-Fi mode features a filtered reverb that ranges from warm and liquidy to bright and thin, depending on where you set the filter. And Sonar mode adds high and low octaves for shimmer effects, with the ability to blend in the octaves as much or as little as you like.

Sustain switch for frozen reverb effects

Simply step on the sustain switch while the effect is on to freeze the reverb while you play over it.

Highlight phrases and chords with momentary switching

Step on the Fathom's bypass footswitch, and it will toggle the effect on and off, just like you'd expect. But you can also step on it and hold it to enter momentary mode, highlighting a phrase, chord, or single note with reverb. Especially used in conjunction with the switchable trails mode, you'll be able to embellish your performance with explosions of reverb that won't wash out your core tone.

  • Reverb effects pedal with 4 reverb algorithms
  • Hall mode — big, spacious reverb sound, with control over pre-delay time
  • Plate mode — lush, vibrant reverb sound, with control over pre-delay time
  • Lo-Fi mode — filtered reverb, with control over filter width
  • Sonar mode — adds high and low octaves, with control over the amount of octave blend
  • Switchable trails mode lets you select whether the reverb tail cuts off when you bypass the pedal
  • Sustain footswitch allows you to freeze the reverb effect in time and play over it
  • Bypass switch can be used to toggle on/off or held for a momentary reverb effect