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Walrus | FABLE | Granular Soundscape Generator Delay Pedal | Black

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Imagine the mystic woodlands of the high north. Treefolk, known as the Fable, wander peacefully across the land. The elderly tree folk live in harmony with their young, who grow from the spliced limbs of each previous generation in an ongoing and harmonious reign of bizarre combinations. It’s this fantastical world that you’ll uncover in the chassis of the Fable Granular Soundscape Generator delay pedal from Walrus Audio. This pedal features five programs that harness the power of a dual DSP architecture that weaves sample and chop delay algorithms with granular effects. Musicians have a range of knobs to dial in the perfect sound, in addition to a buffered bypass and a tap tempo switch. 

Delay programs and granular algorithms make the Fable go ’round

The Fable brandishes the power of a granular effect as well as delay. Together, this micro-sampling digital process makes minute tweaks and adjustments possible while making unique sounds in the process. Depending on how a user engages the grains, wielders of the Fable can achieve pitch and time stretching effects, play grains in reverse, or even read from several positions at once to create the ultimate comprehensive effect. No need to balk at the limitless possibilities — Walrus Audio has put streamlined controls at your fingertips that will send you on an exploration of its five main aspects.

  • Explore sample and chop delay algorithms and granular effects
  • Craft incredible sonics ranging from chaotic and swarmy to smooth and flowing to bizarre and organic
  • 5 unique streamlined programs to choose from and experiment with
  • Built with powerful DSP architecture that combines delay programs and granular sampling algorithms with analog feedback paths
  • Adjust grains through sample lengths, positions, and buffer size
  • Program I: reverse delay into reverse granular
  • Program II: forward delay into octave-up granular
  • Program III: analog delay into octave-down granular
  • Program IV: multi-tap granular into multi-tap granular (grain-verb)
  • Program V: forward delay into randomized pitch granular
  • Tap tempo and buffered bypass knobs