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Universal Audio | UAFX MAX | 610 Preamp & Dual Compressor Pedal | w/ FREE 1x TourGear Design Cable

Original price $514.00
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Original price $514.00
Current price $321.00
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Current price $321.00

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Until 30/11/2023 - Comes with FREE 1x TourGear Design 3" Patch Cable

Dual Compression Flexibility with Maximum Tonal Authenticity

Boasting three classic compressor models and a spot-on tube preamp emulation, the Universal Audio Max Preamp & Dual Compressor pedal contains the power of a small studio setup in a standard stompbox form factor. From a classic guitar pedal compressor to a smooth optical tube model to UA’s own 1176, the Max’s dual-compressor design allows for a single instance of compression or the first instance stacked into the second for maximum squash and density. A versatile control section including Attack, Ratio, Release, and Comp adjust each compressor individually depending on where the 2-way Comp Select switch is selected — a knob tweakers dream, and that’s before you throw the harmonic warmth of the 610-style Preamp into the mix! Lastly, if you’re seeking greater adjustability, pair your Max with Universal Audio’s UAFX Control software for improved equalization options, series/parallel switching, and even a sidechain bass filter for an endless array of tonal choices

  • Stereo dual compressor and preamp pedal with 3 classic compressor emulations and a preamp modeled after the UA 610 tube preamp
  • UAFX dual-engine processing delivers the highest level of sonic authenticity
  • 3 classic compressor models to choose from, including a staple compressor guitar pedal, UA’s own 1176 FET compressor, and an iconic optical tube compressor
  • Preamp knob captures the tube-style warmth and harmonic grit of the UA 610 preamp
  • Dual compressor design, with 2 x 3-way switches to pick any combination of the Max’s 3 compressors to combine
  • Attack, Ratio, Release, and Comp controls, in addition to a 2-way Comp Select switch that allows you to dial in both compressors with a single set of knobs
  • UAFX Control app offers enhanced equalization options, series/parallel operation, sidechain bass filter, and much more
  • Utility features include silent switching and buffered bypass