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Universal Audio | UAFX Golden Reverberator | A Stompbox Filled with Classic Studio Reverbs

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Universal Audio’s stunning emulations of classic studio reverbs have become indispensable tools in the production arsenals of artists and engineers.

Now, with the Universal Audio Golden Reverberator Pedal, guitarists can take those breathtaking ambient reverbs out of the studio and place them on their pedalboards.

Packed with three reverb types — Spring 65, Plate 140, and Hall 224 — the Golden Reverberator pedal can instantly go from splatty and splashy to lush and atmospheric, and anything in between.

While the Golden Reverberator is built on the classics, it leverages its powerful DSP to expand the capabilities of the original units, delivering several modulation options, stereo and dual-mono operation, and the ability to switch between presets while allowing the effects to spill over and keep their tails intact.

Have you always wanted to bring your favourite studio reverbs onstage? Don't delay in checking out the Golden Reverberator from Universal Audio!

Spring 65

Because of its dynamic nature, spring reverb is notoriously difficult to emulate. That’s why Universal Audio spent over three years developing the Spring 65 to capture every detail, nuance, splash, and drip of physical reverb tanks. With three unique variations of tube-driven tanks to choose from, Spring 65 will astound you with its uncanny accuracy

Plate 140

An indispensable part of the larger-than-life studio recordings of the 1970s, plate reverbs are unmatched for their lush sound, shimmering tails, and ability to slip into a mix without muddying up the works. The Golden Reverberator’s Plate 140 provides three distinctive plates to fuse your guitar lines with epic atmospherics. Add new dimension to a singing solo or bathe strummed chords in a warm, reverberant wash for immersive soundscapes, among other applications.

Hall 224

One of the earliest professional-grade digital reverb units, the 224 was highly renowned for its crystal-clear reverbs and detailed tweakability. The Hall 224 provides a tasty alternative to the Spring 65 and Plate 140, with a modern edge suited for experimental and ambient guitar work. Choose from small, medium, and large hall settings to find the perfect environment for your guitar parts to sit, and independently control the decay of the high, mid, and low frequencies to tailor the reverb’s sound to any setting.

  • 3 classic studio reverb effect emulations powered by UAD DSP
  • Spring 65 accurately recreates 3 unique vintage reverb tanks
  • Plate 140 offers the warm, lush reverb that was a staple of 1970s studio recordings
  • Hall 224 comes in 3 flavours, small, medium, and large, with independent control over high-, mid-, and low-frequency decay
  • 2 free effects upon registration: Plate 224 and Chamber 224
  • Operates in mono, dual-mono, and stereo modes with automatic mono/stereo detection
  • Rugged enclosure with top-notch components
  • True bypass and optional buffered bypass modes