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Surfy Industries | SurfyBear Studio | SurfyBear Reverb Studio Edition | W/ SurfyPan

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Spring reverb has an extremely unique sound, making it perfect for all kinds of effects. There are tons of software versions out there, but the original spring reverbs are hardware! By feeding a sound through metal springs, it creates the illusion of reverb. The result is a metallic, otherworldly unique sound, making it perfect for all kinds of effects.

We are proud to present the SURFYBEAR STUDIO, the latest in Surfy Industries' line of analog reverb units. They have built a state of the art 100% analog reverb unit, versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applications, directly connected to audio sources and in effect loops. Using a full size Accutronics® reverb pan and their groundbreaking Class-A JFET/MOSFET technology, they are staying true to the vintage tone of the 60s.

This is the long awaited version of Surfy Industries' popular SurfyBear reverb dedicated to professional users and recording applications. Still inspired by the legendary Fender®-style spring reverb, it features modern functionalities to handle line level signals and integration in DAW environments.

  • Includes SurfyPan type-4 spring reverb pan by Accutronics® and Surfy Industries
  • Thick steel body construction for better shielding against interferences
  • Advanced "decay" control with threshold setting
  • "Width" control to generate a pseudo-stereo image
  • Line level input and output connections with 1/4" jack or XLR
  • Instrument signal level 1/4" jack inputs in front

Click Here for the User Manual