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Strymon | Mini Switch | Preset & Tap Tempo MiniSwitch

by Strymon
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Compact Tap Tempo Switch with Strymon Instant Recall

The saltine-sized Strymon Tap Favourite pedal packs two essential Strymon utilities into a compact housing that fits onto any pedalboard. First, it lets you tap out tempos for time-based effects, which is useful for getting your delays in perfect time with the music. Second, by changing an internal jumper, the Tap Favourite lets you save a snapshot of your favourite saturation, delay, or tremolo settings (compatible pedals only) for instant recall anywhere in your set. The Tap Favourite is simple to operate, made from rugged black anodised aluminum for durable and discreet stage operation, and best of all, requires no power. 


Tap Tempos.

With MiniSwitch, you can place your pedal anywhere on your board and tap in your tempos remotely. Perfect for large rigs or boards with pedals fighting for real estate.

Compatible with: BigSkyDecoDIGFlintMobius, and TimeLine.


Recall a Favourite.

With MiniSwitch, recalling your Favorite setting is a snap. Select between your Favorite setting and the current knob states of your pedal. It’s like having two pedals ready to choose from.

Compatible with: BrigadierDecoDIGEl CapistanFlintLex, and Riverside.


Boost Your Signal.

Use MiniSwitch to engage the Boost feature within our Riverside Multistage Drive pedal. Boost your overall output signal by up to +6dB when you need to jump up in the mix.

Compatible with: Riverside.


Strymon Tap Favourite Pedal Switch at a Glance:
  • Tap feature locks in delays and reverbs to suit the song
  • Favourite feature saves a snapshot of your go-to settings
  • Strymon: a philosophy of quality
Tap feature locks in delays and reverbs to suit the song

The Tap Favorite is by far the quickest way to dial in your Strymon delay to the song you're playing. Tapping is also much easier than bending over and fussing with knobs every time your drummer's tempo fluctuates. Compatible with BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, and TimeLine pedals.

Favorite feature saves a snapshot of your go-to settings

The Tap Favorite is great news for fastidious players, allowing you to save a snapshot of your favorite settings for instant recall when you need it most. This gives you freedom to experiment with bold reverb and delay settings when the moment hits you, and lets you snap back to your favorites when you're through. Compatible with Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, and Lex pedals.

Strymon: a philosophy of quality

Strymon pedals are already an industry standard in professional-quality effects. Strymon is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and, in their own words, making "gear that sounds better than anything you've ever heard." The California-based company uses only the highest-quality components and powerful processors in their pedals. And each design offers more tweakable parameters than meets the eye for fine-tuning your tone. This construction and sound quality is the reason Gsus4 is impressed with Strymon, and why you can find their pedals on the boards of professional musicians around the world.

Strymon Tap Favorite Pedal Switch Features:
  • 2-in-1 utility pedal for Strymon effects
  • Tap feature is compatible with BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, Mobius, and TimeLine pedals
  • Favorite feature is compatible with Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, and Lex pedals
  • Change modes via internal jumper
  • Ultra compact size (2" x 2.25") fits on any pedalboard
  • Black anodized aluminum stands up to stage abuse
  • Simple layout with single LED
  • Requires no power
  • Includes 1/4" TRS cable

Unlock the full potential of your Strymon effects with the Strymon Tap Favorite switch!