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Strymon | Lex V2 | Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal | w/ Analogue JFET & ARM DSP

by Strymon
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The depth and dynamic sound of a vintage rotary speaker have made it a beloved piece of gear for generations, with many of today's players seeking to harness this tone in a modern format. Strymon's original Lex pedal set a new precedent for rotary speaker simulations, capturing the enchantment of a rotating Leslie speaker in a pedalboard-friendly stompbox. The Lex V2 builds on this momentum with additional settings and player-focused features, with Mic and Ramp switches and Volume and Dry knobs to experiment with when honing your rotary sound. Many musicians appreciate this pedal's individually selectable and footswitchable speeds, with extensive I/O options and secondary features to dial in the Lex's sound to perfectly fit your performance needs. Harnessing that iconic swirling sound is a cinch with the Strymon Lex V2 rotary speaker simulator — give it a spin!

Under-the-hood improvements provide unparalleled performance

While the cosmetic and sonic improvements are easily uncovered, further inspection of the Lex V2 reveals several changes to its core for an even more premium playing experience. To start, Strymon loaded the Lex with a top-quality JFET input circuit. The result? Enhanced responsiveness, dynamics, and feel tailor-made for gigging performers and touring pros. Swapping between mono and stereo modes is as easy as flicking a rear-panel switch, with the option to now control the Lex via an expression pedal or MultiSwitch Plus. Perhaps best of all, a new ARM DSP chip significantly increases processing power while decreasing energy consumption for a clearer and more accurate tone.

  • High-quality rotary speaker simulation pedal channeling the sound of a vintage Leslie
  • 2 individually selectable, footswitchable speeds
  • Speed, Mic Distance, Horn Level, Preamp Drive, Volume, and Dry controls fine-tune the sound and performance
  • Mic switch changes the position of the microphone relative to the cabinet
  • Ramp switch controls how quickly the rotors transition when switching speeds
  • Secondary control layout facilitates deep tonal tweakage
  • Take control of any parameter via any standard expression pedal
  • Connect a footswitch to instantly recall your favorite preset
  • JFET input circuit enhances responsiveness, dynamics, and feel
  • Swap from mono to stereo and back via the rear-panel switch
  • ARM DSP chip significantly increases processing power
  • Durable aluminum chassis
  • True bypass switching keeps the Lex from sucking tone when disengaged