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Strymon | BRIG | Multi-Voice Stereo dBucket Delay Pedal

by Strymon
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Current price $399.00

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There's nothing quite like the sound of a classic bucket brigade (BBD) delay — offering warm, rich tones and a distinctive yet organic gooey-ness on the repeats. The Strymon Brig dBucket delay pedal is designed to recreate all of the signature behaviour that these vintage BBD chips deliver, while providing the modern flexibility, power and performance that you'd come to expect from a premium Strymon product. Plug into Brig, play a note, and you'll instantly be drawn in by the repeats that evolve with captivating complexity!

Strymon's Brig pedal boasts three different, meticulously-crafted BBD voices that are based on iconic bucket brigade circuits. These offer you everything from gritty repeats and sci-fi psychedelia, to soft and dream-like soundscapes that you can float on top of. Warm bucket brigade modulation gives your repeats exciting movement and, at the shortest delay times, Brig works as a killer standalone BB chorus pedal too!

Add in full stereo I/O, TRS MIDI, 300 presets, USB-C connectivity for DAW MIDI control and firmware updates, a discrete JFET analogue input circuit for unrivaled feel and touch response, and seamless tap tempo functionality that allows you both artifact-free tempo tapping or bucket brigade chaos when you tweak the 'Time' knob — and you have a seriously powerful BBD workstation in compact form.

  • Three distinct bucket brigade voicings based on classic BBD circuit configurations.
  • Premium, discrete stereo JFET analogue input circuit for exceptional feel and touch response.
  • TRS MIDI/expression jack allows for external control via an expression pedal or TRS MIDI connection.
  • Full MIDI integration: 300 onboard presets, real-time parameter control and more!
  • Full stereo inputs and outputs via TRS jacks.
  • Mono-to-mono, mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-stereo operation.
  • Artifact-free tap tempo function for on-the-fly time changes.
  • Unique 'Filter' control enables you to precisely shape the tone of the repeats.
  • USB-C jack for controlling via MIDI from a computer or for performing firmware updates.
  • Super low-noise 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters provide uncompromising audio quality.
  • High-performance 520MHz ARM Superscalar processor.
  • 32-bit floating point processing.
  • True or buffered bypass, for a 100% unprocessed signal when the pedal is bypassed or a conditioned signal with preserved high-end integrity.
  • Strong and lightweight anodized aluminium chassis.
  • Designed and built in the USA.