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Solid State Logic | SSL SiX | 6-channel Desktop Analog Mixer

Original price $2,579.00
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Current price $1,979.00

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The Solid State Logic SiX is a fully professional desktop mixer you can use in the studio, in post production, and for podcasting. At first glance, SiX may look like other compact mixers, but a closer look will reveal its SSL large-format console lineage, with a flexible, intuitive feature set designed to accommodate any creative workflow. Take a listen, and you’ll hear the SSL pedigree: impeccable sonic performance that carries the DNA of over four decades of legendary SSL consoles.

The coveted G Series Bus Compressor

Worth the price of admission on its own, the mighty G Series Master Bus Compressor is available across SiX’s main outputs. This is the classic SSL console circuit only with fixed ratio, attack, and release settings as well as an updated, state-of-the-art quad-VCA chip. The streamlined controls make it easy to enhance the sound of your mixes — or whatever it is you’re pushing through the master bus — with that legendary SSL punch and glue.

Flexible routing and monitoring

Given its diminutive size, you may be surprised to learn that SiX is equipped with two cue buses for artist mixes. The console’s master section has main and alternate monitor outputs with a proper monitor source matrix, as well as mono check, dim, and cut. There’s also a talkback mic input with phantom power and SSL’s classic Listen Mic Compressor (LMC).

Outstanding sound, feature set, and value

SiX sounds like an SSL — and from that vantage point, it’s a tremendous value when you consider what it (and its G Series Bus Compressor) can do for the sound of your program material. Second, derived from SSL’s large-format studio consoles, SiX’s professional feature set is like nothing we’ve seen thus far in a compact mixer. Who ever heard of a desktop mixer with SuperAnalogue mic pres, full-size faders, two cue sends, a monitor source matrix, 12 line inputs during mixdown, and a G Series Bus Compressor? Lastly, an invaluable intangible benefit: if you have clients or artists coming into your studio, appearances matter. When they see the SSL marque, they’ll know they’re in a professional studio with serious equipment. The name commands instant respect. Case closed.

  • Benchmark SuperAnalogue audio performance
  • Professional routing and monitoring
  • Classic SSL channel processing
  • Full-size 100mm faders, Mute–Bus B, PFL
  • 12-input summing at mixdown
  • Legendary G Series Master Bus Compressor
  • Completely balanced signal path
  • A superb front end for recording
  • Channels 1 and 2 equipped with:
  • SuperAnalogue mic preamps with 66dB of gain
  • Phantom power; 75Hz highpass filter
  • Line-level input, switchable to instrument level
  • Newly designed SSL compressor
  • Balanced insert points
  • Channels 3 and 4 equipped with:
  • Line-level stereo inputs with trim
  • Master section includes:
  • 2 cue buses (sends available on channels 1–4)
  • Main and Alt monitor outputs with monitor source matrix, mono check, dim, and cut
  • Talkback mic input with phantom power and LMC