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Solid State Logic | SSL FUSION | Stereo Analog Master Processor

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Designed for the modern hybrid studio

A master processor designed for today's hybrid studio, Fusion delivers five powerful analog coloration tools — Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, HF Compressor, Stereo Image enhancer, and SSL Transformer — from the legendary console company Solid State Logic. Fusion provides the finishing touches for your productions with its compelling tonal and spacial enhancement, adding a touch of analog magic to your mix bus or stereo stems. Rounding out the feature set are a highpass filter with three selectable cutoff frequencies, stereo/mid-side insert sends and returns, peak hold metering, and more. Fusion's five analog processors can be used discretely or combined.

Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, HF Compressor (with secret LMC mode), Stereo Image and SSL Transformer... ALL IN ONE UNIT.

  • A master processor with 5 new SSL analog color circuits
  • Vintage Drive — a unique nonlinear saturation circuit designed to bring that cherished gradual analog overload sound you get from pushing vintage equipment into the sweet spot
  • Violet EQ — a 2-band, minimum-phase-shift shelving EQ offering instant low-end weight and gorgeous high-end air; 4 fixed frequency points for each band with ±9dB boost/cut
  • HF Compressor — high-frequency compressor optimized for smooth taming of brittle high end
  • Stereo Image — a built-in M-S circuit that allows sumptuous sculpting of the side signal for wider mixes with increased depth
  • SSL Transformer — a custom SSL design that introduces subtle low-frequency harmonics for added weight, with a touch of added transformer sparkle in the highs
  • Access the hidden Listen Mic Compressor processor to add impact and energy to drums, vocals, and guitars
  • Onboard Insert Point with Stereo and M-S operation
  • 3rd-order HPF (highpass filter) to eliminate unwanted low end
  • SuperAnalogue ±12dB center-indented Input and Output Trim controls for optimized gain staging
  • Individual Bypass switches for each circuit to compare sounds with each circuit engaged/disengaged
  • Master Bypass switch with two modes of operation: complete bypass (Red) and bypass that includes the Input Trim control (White)
  • Master LED meter with 3-second peak hold segments switches from output to input metering upon pressing the Bypass switch
  • Input clipping O/L LEDs that are triggered at +27dBu
  • Balanced XLR I/O throughout for professional studio integration
  • Enhanced dot-dash screening around controls for clarity and easy recall
  • Adjustable front-panel meter and switch brightness to match the vibe of your studio environment