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Solid State Logic | 611DYN V2 | 500 Series Dynamics Module | SSL E-Series

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Put the SSL 611DYN 500 Series dynamics processor in your 500 Series rack, and you'll have the sound of a legendary SSL console. The 611DYN dynamics processor reproduces the sound of the VCA channel dynamics section found on the SL 4000 E console, which has been used since the early '80s to create countless hit records. With multiple switching options, you'll be able to tailor this compressor to any sound source. And because it's also a powerful limiter, expander, and gate, you'll find a use for the SSL 611DYN 500 Series dynamics processor on every project you work on.

Build your own custom 500 Series channel strip

The SSL 611DYN 500 Series dynamics processor is a great way to add primo SSL sound quality to your signal path. And thanks to the modular nature of 500 Series processors, you can create your own custom channel strip by putting your favorite mic pre module and EQ module in front of the 611DYN.

Classic SSL compression, perfect for modern music styles

Producers love the SSL SL 4000 E console for lots of reasons, not least of which is the dynamics section. Perfect for maximizing the thump of your kick drum, the richness of your bass, or taming an expressive vocal, the 611DYN will inject some serious vibe into whatever you run through it.

Three compression curves for maximum flexibility

Multiple switching options let you get the right response for any sound source. You can switch between over-easy and hard-knee compression curves. And you can also switch between logarithmic and linear release curves. Use your ears, and you'll find you'll have powerful dynamic control over virtually any sound with the 611DYN.

SSL 611DYN 500 Series Dynamics Processor Features:

  • Based on the channel dynamics sections of the SSL SL 4000 E console
  • Switchable over-easy/hard-knee operation for flexibility
  • Choose between logarithmic and linear release curves to match your material
  • Four tools in one: compressor, limiter, expander, and gate
  • Side chain with RMS converter for precise operation