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Source Audio | VERTIGO | 3 Mode Stereo Tremolo | w/ 56bit Sigma DSP

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Three Classic Amp Tremolos in One

With its amp-inspired tremolo modes and limitless connectivity and configurability, the Source Audio Vertigo will have you excited about tremolo again. Vertigo's three modes recall three important circuits from the golden age of amp-based trem effects. Onboard you'll find a pulsing, push-and-pull Blackface opto tremolo, a hauntingly hypnotic Brownface "vibrato" with filter-y phase effects, and a harmonically rich, gently overdriven tube bias tremolo inspired by early tube bias circuits. All tremolo types are presented in beautiful stereo surround for effects never before possible from your favorite classic combo. Connecting to the free Neuro Editor for mobile and desktop unlocks instant inspiration and access to tap tempo, 4-band parametric EQ, and more.

Three classic tube trem effects

  • Normal (Optical) — This mode reimagines an early iteration of the amp-based tremolo, which relied on a bulb and photoresistor. It's marked by a forward-sounding pulse, most famously found in the 1967 Vibrolux.
  • Harmonic — This mode faithfully captures the modulated tremolo effects found in early-'60s American amps, specifically the 1962 Brownface Super. It results in a rich and complex effect that blends tremolo with subtle shades of phasing.
  • Bias — This mode emulates the tremolo effects caused by modulating bias voltage across preamp tubes. The result is an extremely gratifying tube breakup that's rich in harmonics and presents in a distinctive pulse.

Dedicated controls, plus Shape

Along with dedicated controls for Speed, Depth, and Level, Vertigo gives you a waveform-morphing Shape control to coax new textures — square to sine waves, opto to sawtooth — from your favourite mainstay tremolo effects.

  • 3 tremolo modes inspired by classic amps
  • Normal (opto) mode produces pronounced push-and-pull effects
  • Harmonic mode is hauntingly complex and phaser-y
  • Bias mode introduces tube saturation and a distinctive pulse
  • Dedicated controls for Speed, Depth, and Level
  • Shape control morphs between 4 waveform types to explore new effects
  • Free Neuro Editor allows you to fine-tune effects with tap tempo and parametric EQ
  • Mono or stereo option
  • Expression control input
  • MIDI-compatible when used with the Source Audio Neuro Hub (sold separately)