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Source Audio | ULTRAWAVE BASS | Stereo Multiband Bass Processor

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Transform Your Bass Tone with Multiband Saturation and Tremolo

If you're a bass player with an ear for nontraditional fuzz/distortion sounds and synthy cascades of color, there's a slew of gooey, glitchy character tones to be discovered in the Source Audio Ultrawave Bass pedal. A unique multiband approach to tone structuring gives the Ultrawave Bass the edge for the hard-clipped squelchy fuzzes and infinite-sustain exploratory leads that are so hard to achieve with traditional clipping circuits. Ultrawave Bass splits monophonic and polyphonic signals in up to 10 bands and lets users crank and saturate each to taste, yielding some of the filthiest riff distinguishers on the planet. Naturally, Ultrawave Bass does doom, desert, and industrial with aplomb. But this pedal's softer side will surprise you. A mature multiband compressor and a custom-waveform stereo tremolo can be called up quickly using the free Neuro Editor desktop/mobile app. Speaking of which, tone chasers will love all the bells and whistles inside Neuro Editor, where you'll find loads of fresh-baked factory presets waiting to transform your pedestrian bass lines into surges of supermassive hysteria.

  • Specially tuned for bass guitar
  • Takes a pioneering approach to traditional broadband bass effects
  • Jam-packed with nontraditional fuzz/distortion tones and synthy cascades of color
  • Splits incoming signals into as many as 10 bands, each with independent Drive and Level controls
  • Band splitting can be applied to traditional (tube, op-amp, diode) as well as nontraditional (octave, foldback) saturation effects
  • Rich stereo tremolo with variable LFO wave shape
  • Able to create sounds reminiscent of sequencer and arpeggiator effects
  • Multiband compressor can be placed before or after drive circuits
  • Neuro Editor software (Mac/PC/iOS) lets you save and call up presets or discover fresh tones
  • Dual outputs can be assigned to stereo ping-pong effects or to sending out 2 entirely different signals