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Source Audio | NEMESIS | 24 Engines Stereo Delay Machine

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Teeming with Top-shelf Delay Effects

Immerse your guitar in vintage tape or analog delays, or get out-and-out crazy with modern pitch-shifting, reverse, filter-modulating, rhythmic, multi-tapped delays. Whatever sound you’re reaching for, Source Audio’s Nemesis Delay puts 24 distinct effect engines right on your pedalboard. And once you find a sound you like, you can save it as one of 128 recallable presets. The Nemesis Delay is a full-fledged performance tool, thanks to features like tap tempo, a hold function, an expression input, and external switching. The Nemesis Delay includes extensive MIDI control and deep editing functionality via the Neuro Mobile App.

Delay Engines:

Nemesis Delay includes 12 basic delay effect engines with an additional 12 available via the Neuro Mobile App.

  • Slapback — a classic rockabilly guitar effect based on early tape delay machines
  • Digital — a crystal-clear delay with optional delay time modulation
  • Diffuse — a classic “oil can” effect that smears the attack of the repeated signal
  • Analog — a vintage bucket brigade analog delay
  • Tape — a detailed re-creation of a classic moving-head tape delay
  • Noise Tape — a meticulous re-creation of a classic fixed-head tape delay
  • Degrade — a lo-fi effect with bit crushing and sample rate reduction
  • Shifter — a delay with polyphonic pitch shifting on the delayed signal
  • Helix — an “angelic” effect that combines reverse delay with a shimmering octave effect
  • Reverse — the classic psychedelic reverse tape sound
  • Sweeper — a synth-like effect with a sweeping resonant lowpass filter
  • Rhythmic — rhythmic, multi-tapped delay patterns

Source Audio Nemesis Delay Pedal Features:

  • 24 effect engines supply access to the full gamut of delay effects
  • 128 recallable presets make saving your favorite sounds easy
  • Tap tempo with quarter note, dotted eighth, and triplet beat divisions
  • Hold function freezes a portion of the delay in a continuous loop
  • Universal bypass selects either analog buffered or relay-based true bypass
  • Expression input allows you to control any combination of knobs with an expression pedal
  • External switching capabilities make changing presets a breeze
  • Complete MIDI functionality, including program change, continuous controller, and MIDI clock messages
  • Stereo I/O for creating dramatic stereo ping-pong effects
  • Neuro Mobile App allows you to adjust additional parameters, save and share presets, and download additional delay engines