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Shnobel Tone | Ernie Ball Volume | LIFETIME STRING Replacement Kit

Original price $60.00 - Original price $70.00
Original price $70.00
$90.00 - $100.00
Current price $100.00

or 4x fortnight payments of $25.00 AUD with

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Model: VPJR / MVP 6180 / 6181 / 6182

Your Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Is Now Reliable Again

Lifetime replacement string kit comes with the right angle pick tool to make the job easier, watch the video on how to replace the string properly. 

There are 3 different strings to choose from, below is a list of all the volume pedals and the correct string kit for it. 


- 6180 Ernie Ball VP Junior 250k Volume Pedal

- 6181 Ernie Ball VP Junior 25k Volume Pedal 

- 6182 Ernie Ball MVP Active Volume Pedal 

Standard Volume Pedal 

- 6165 Ernie Ball Stereo Volume / Pan Pedal 

- 6166 Ernie Ball Volume Pedal 

- 6167 Ernie Ball 25k Stereo Volume Pedal 

- 6168 Ernie Ball Volume Pedal with switch  

40th Anniversary  

- 6110 Ernie Ball VPJR Mono 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal