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Red-Eye™ MK2 | Active & Passive Preamp DI Box w/ Clean Boost Switch & Effects Loop

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Red-Eye Preamp DI The Best Acoustic Preamp DI

Red-Eye Preamp DI is the cleanest, simplest stage DIs available out there.
Many players are looking to streamline their stage rigs and minimise the number of knobs they have to fiddle with in between songs.

It simply sounds great plugged in, without a whole lot of fuss. For the longest time, it seemed like only Radial Engineering was the only gear lineup with a demonstrable commitment to flat response and high headroom.

But with Fire-Eye on the scene, we have yet another solid contender, one you should seriously consider if you're looking for a preamp for your acoustic pickup or any other passive pickup.

The Red-Eye is Fire-Eye's basic, single-channel model.
Like the Baggs PADI or Radial J45, it functions as both a preamp and DI.

Unlike those other models, the Red-Eye has virtually no knobs to fiddle with, no real EQ to speak of. But here's the beauty of this design: Fire-Eye's gear is built to make your instrument sound great without all the knobs and adjustments.

With flat response and high headroom, the Red-Eye gets you one step closer to "my instrument, only louder".

Throw in a boost switch for the occasional solo, and you have one truly high-performance preamp.
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- Input: high-impedance, 1 million ohms, maximum 1 volt peak-to-peak level.
- Low-impedance, balanced, XLR output, 600 ohms, will drive long cables to a mix-board.
- Boost button with volume control for amplifying solos.
- Treble control to boost or reduce treble.
- Long 9-volt battery life (~200 hours).
- Automatically uses XLR Phantom Power, when available, instead of the battery.
- Plugging an instrument in or connecting XLR phantom power turns the Red-Eye on.
- Automatic power check: LED Light flashes for 1 second if power is good when preamp is powered up.
- When powered up on the battery (without XLR Phantom Power) the battery gets tested
and the flash indicates the battery is in the first ¾ of its life.
- When the signal is only plugged in the 'Effects Loop Input' instead of 'Instrument Input', Red-Eye can also be used as a high-quality Passive DI. The isolation transformer used in the Red-Eye Preamp has a great linear response.
- ¼ inch output and input for accessory loop, suitable for stomp-tuners or effects boxes
or for output to on-stage guitar amps or PAs.
- Internal filtering to reject radio-frequency interference from neon lights and cell phones.
- Small Size: 3.2 x 5.7 x 10.8 cm. Weight: 300g.


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