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Radial | HDI | High Definition Studio Direct Box | w Transformer Saturation & Line Out

by Radial
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The HDI Studio Grade 1-channel Active Instrument Direct Box was designed by Radial to be their most impressive direct box yet. Equipped with top-notch components and a set of powerful controls, it's easy to capture great tones with minimal tweaking. The Colour control is especially useful because it blends the transparent clean tone with amp-like distortion. It has a custom output meter that makes it easy to monitor your level with a single glance. The HDI has mic and line-level outputs that give it even more versatility. When used onstage, you can send your direct signal to the FOH engineer, eliminating the need to mic up your amp. The Radial HDI rethinks what a DI can truly be — what sonic frontiers will you explore with it?

Purists and progressive players will love the Colour control

For some, the perfect DI passes a clean and clear audio signal. By turning the colour knob counter-clockwise, it will pass an incredibly pure signal that rivals the best DIs on the market. But if you're feeling adventurous, start turning the colour control to blend the HDI's clean circuits with the onboard tube simulation circuits. As you blend the signals together, a specially-designed Jensen transformer creates a familiar amp feel that guitar and bass players love. As you continue to turn the knob clockwise, you'll increasingly push the circuits harder and ultimately be rewarded with tones reaching all the way into saturated fuzzbox territory. Whether you're looking to add a bit of grit or unleash full-on amp saturation, the HDI's colour control can help you get it.

Extra features add additional sonic textures

The Radial HDI is much more than a direct box. It has an onboard preamp section that you can use to capture a warm, round sound. To clean up the colour control, the HDI has a High-pass filter that helps eliminate unwanted low frequencies. There's also a built-in "Opto" compressor feature that, with the flip of a switch, effectively controls the peaks of the input signal while imparting a warm, forgiving tone. Finally, a presence control adds a musical treble boost that slices through a mix with ease.

  • Colour knob blends clean and distorted signals to reach the perfect level of saturation
  • High-pass filter cleans up unwanted bass frequencies
  • Built-in "Opto" compressor controls harsh transients
  • Oversized Jensen transformer adds additional saturation
  • Presence control boosts mids and highs to cut through the mix
  • VU meter provides at-a-glance level monitoring
  • Mic and line-level outputs give you the flexibility to use it onstage or in the studio