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PRS | Horsemeat | Transparent Overdrive w/ 2-band EQ, Voice & Level Control

by PRS
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Original price $525.00
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Current price $399.00

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The PRS Horsemeat transparent overdrive pedal is designed to enhance your sound without colouring your tone. Horsemeat adds harmonic midrange richness and overdrives without cutting out your high notes – all while giving you more available headroom. It features a robust EQ section so you can dial in your tone and has a wide range of gain on tap. Depending on the setting, Horsemeat can be used as a clean boost, straight overdrive, or even enhance your amplifier’s distortion by slightly pushing the front end of the amplifier’s preamp section.

PRS pedals were created to be high-end pieces of audio gear.

Designed by PRS Guitars in Stevensville, MD, USA. Made in the USA.

Flexible tone-sculpting options

The PRS Horsemeat transparent overdrive comes equipped with quite a bit more tone-shaping power than your typical horse-themed overdrive pedal! A 2-band EQ section and a Voice mode offer endless adjustment options for your dirty tone, effortlessly taking you from saturated singing leads to just a hint of breakup to add some punch to your rhythm tones. Moreover, while the Gain and Level controls are typical for just about every overdrive out there, their sheer versatility is anything but — from a clean boost to a standard OD to an amp-pushing monster, the Horsemeat is truly a do-it-all dirtbox.

No clones here!

Does the world really need another horse-style overdrive pedal? Well, Paul’s answer is a resounding “no” — the Horsemeat is a from-scratch design that’s as original as any one of his statured 6-string creations. This overdrive’s combination of a high-headroom design and germanium diodes results in a beautifully harmonic-rich tone that truthfully replicates the breakup of a tube amp. 

  • From-scratch circuit design that adds some grit to your guitar while perfectly retaining its inherent tone
  • Germanium diodes provide a throaty overdrive punch with no shrill or nasal qualities
  • High-headroom design unlocks ample harmonic richness
  • Great as a clean boost, traditional overdrive, or even to push the front end of your favorite tube amp
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Pedal Type: Transparent Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • Inputs: (1) 1/4" Instrument
  • Outputs: (1) 1/4" Instrument
  • Bypass Switching: True Bypass
  • Amperage: 16 mA
  • Power Sources: 9V DC Power Supply, regulated and/or isolated (not included)
  • Batteries: (1) 9V (not included)
  • Length: 4.7"
  • Width: 3.7"
  • Height: 1.37"
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs