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PreSonus | Eris Pro 4 | Dolby Atmos®-Ready Coaxial Studio Monitor Speaker | Single

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Pro-level Coaxial Studio Monitors with Serious Realism

The PreSonus Eris Pro 4 powered monitor represents the company's highest standard in home-scale and small-studio monitoring. These professional monitors come with the same acoustic tuning controls as the other Eris Studio series monitors. They easily connect to the rest of your gear with a full complement of balanced and unbalanced inputs. Plus, enhanced circuitry and an improved single point-source coaxial design refine the Eris Pro 4’s sweet spot tenfold, touting better phase alignment and a clearer sound overall. Benefit from 99dB of peak output via 80-watt, Class AB bi-amplification. You also get solid protection against RF interference, extreme output current, and excessive heat. There's also a handy Power Saver mode for more cost-effective use. 

Improved coaxial driver design

The Eris Pro 4 delivers unparalleled levels of sonic clarity and spatial realism, thanks to PreSonus's improved driver design. A single point-source coaxial driver offers users a wider volume balance and an enlarged sweet spot, making it a formidable addition to nearly any studio or home setup. Similarly, the new coaxial design improves phase alignment, ensuring what you're hearing is rich, clear, and, above all else, authentic. If you're looking to hear your sound as accurately as possible, there's no better way than with the Eris Pro 4 powered monitor.

Customisable sound reproduction for any room

Tailoring the PreSonus Eris Pro 4 monitors to your room is a piece of cake by virtue of their plentiful acoustic tuning controls. Mid-frequency and high-frequency trim controls make compensating for your room’s deficiencies easy. You also get acoustic space control for taming the boundary issues that will inevitably arise if you place the Eris Pro 4 monitors in a corner or near a wall.

  • 4.5-inch woven composite low-frequency transducers offer deep lows
  • 1-inch coaxial silk-dome high-frequency drivers boast smooth highs
  • Improved coaxial single point-source design widens your sweet spot and provides enhanced phase alignment
  • Onboard Power Saver Mode powers off your gear after 40 minutes of idling
  • Crystal-clear sound stage allows you to hear every subtly of your sound
  • Acoustic tuning controls for tailoring the monitors to your room
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs ensure easy connectivity with the rest of your gear
  • 80-watt, Class AB bi-amplification exhibits 99dB of peak output
  • Solid protection against RF interference, extreme output current, excessive heat, and more