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One Control | Korg | Minimal Series Tuner | w/ BJF Buffer Circuit

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Buffered by Legendary BJF & Powered by KORG Pitchblack 

The signal travels a long way until the signal from the guitar enters the pedal board and travels through the effector or switcher to the amplifier.
Patch cables, plugs and jacks... Each has a small effect, but overlapping can cause a significant change in tone.
Also, as is well known, the signal continues to decay as it passes through the shielded cable. The longer the cable, the greater the impact.

To prevent the signal from being weakened by these factors, buffer the signal.

In the past, many pedal tuners had a built-in buffer. This is because a buffer is usually built into the pedal tuner at the top of the board to mitigate any subsequent signal decay.
However, the buffer changed the sound. It is undesirable for a tuner to simply measure the signal to change the sound. In response to these voices, true bypass pedal tuners have become popular.

The tuner should not change the sound significantly. However, the advantage of incorporating a buffer in the tuner is great.
If you can do both at the same time, you don't have to stick to true bypass. In other words, you just need a buffer that doesn't change the sound significantly.

installed in many switchers of One Control is an overwhelmingly natural buffer that overwhelms the image held in many “buffers”.

-Set the gain to exactly 1.
・The input impedance should not change the sound.
・The output should not be too strong.
・Minimize noise.
・Make sure that the sound does not deteriorate when overloaded.

The BJF Buffer, which meets the requirements of BJF's particular buffer, is now at the foot of many professionals around the world, helping guitar signals.

Even when bypassed, the natural tone is not destroyed, the signal itself is strengthened at the same time, the attenuation due to the influence from the cable and the terminal is prevented, and the output is muted when the tuner is ON, and you can tune comfortably.
In addition, a small housing that saves extra space on the pedal board maximizes the area of ​​the pedal board.

Powerful Tuner
Minimal Series Tuner uses KORG PitchBlack Mini for the tuner.
It has a large display with good visibility even in a small housing, achieving high responsiveness and accuracy.

3 Display Modes
Minimal Series Tuner can be tuned in 3 display modes.
The most standard display "regular" mode suitable for tuning on stage, the "strobe mode" that can drive the tuning with ultra-high accuracy of ±0.1 cents, and is also suitable for guitar intonation adjustment, and two displays You can select the "half strobe mode" that combines the modes.

Calibration Settings for a Wide Range of Concert Pitch
Minimal Series Tuner can set the reference pitch at A4=436 ~ 445Hz (1Hz step). Sometimes changing the reference pitch by 1Hz can completely change the image of a song. By supporting various concert pitches, you can tune with confidence regardless of play style.

Compatible with battery operation
Minimal Series Tuner can be operated with two CR1632 button batteries in addition to the standard center minus DC9V adapter.
It can be used in many situations, such as using as an auxiliary power source in the unlikely event of trouble or tuning in a place where power cannot be taken.

Convenience of pedal tuner In
recent years, the performance of clip tuners that incorporate a clip-type microphone and pick up vibrations of the head and body has also increased.
A handy and highly convenient clip tuner can inevitably pick up vibrations and pitches of other instruments when tuning on a live stage where loud noises are heard.
The pedal tuner detects the signal from the guitar/bass directly, so you can perform reliable and quick tuning on stage.

・BJF BUFFER (tuner bypass)
Input impedance: 500KΩ
Output impedance: 60Ω or less

・Tuner (KORG PitchBlack Mini)
Temperament: 12 equal temperament
Measurement range: E0 (20.60Hz) to C8 (4186Hz)
Reference pitch range: A4 = 436 ~445Hz (1Hz step)
Input impedance: 1MΩ ( when the tuner is ON)

・Power supply
adapter: DC9V adapter, center minus,
2.1mm inner diameter (One Control EPA-2000 recommended) Battery: CR1632 lithium battery x 2
Battery life: When the tuner is on , Continuous for about 2 hours (continuous input, display mode: regular)
Current consumption: 40mA maximum

Size: 94D x 44W x 47H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: 134g

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