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Morningstar | Relay Box | Omniport Relay Switching Interface

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The Relay Interface allows you to send relay switch signals with your Morningstar controller. All you have to do is attach the relay interface to one of your controller's Omniports. This lets you control devices with relay switch inputs.

Some such devices are:
Guitar amps
Delay pedals with tap tempo inputs
Strymon pedals with Favorite switch inputs
JHS pedals with Red Remote inputs

Selectable 'Normally Open' or 'Normally Closed' Settings

Choose if the relay switch is normally open or normally closed per preset. This allows the relay interface to work with various devices even if each receiving device has different switching requirements.

Control Tip, Ring or Both

Within each message, choose to control the Ring, Tip or Both.

Multiple Control Options

TAP (Normally Open) - Momentarily closes the relay and returns back to the open state

TAP (Normally Closed) - Momentarily opens the relay and returns back to the closed state

ENGAGE - Closes the relay

DISENGAGE - Opens the relay

TOGGLE - Alternates between closed and open states

Super Compact

Taking up almost no space, you can fit the relay interface anywhere you want, on top or under your pedalboard. Save you precious board real estate for other useful stuff.

Enclosure Dimensions: 83mm x 41.5mm x 30mm
Powered by: 9v DC Center Negative (min 80mA)
Hardware: Anodized aluminium enclosure
3 x Indicator LED lights
Connections I/O: 1 x 1/4 inch TRS Omnport receive port
1 x 1/4 inch TRS relay switch output
Relay Contact Rating: 120VAC / 24VDC at 1A