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Morningstar | MC6 PRO | Next Gen PRO MIDI Controller

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Beyond what a MIDI controller can do.

With a massive display upgrade, an entirely new processor and a never-before-seen array of connections, MC6 Pro is by far the most powerful and user-centred MIDI controller yet.

Enhanced visual feedback with three full colour displays.
- Introducing Colour Strips. An innovative and simple way to colour code your presets. Choose from a palette of delightful colour, for a controller that's uniquely yours.
- Colour Strips can dim or brighten to show the state of effects and presets.

Variable font size for easy viewing from any distance
- Font size automatically adjusts according to the length of each preset name. You can also set a maximum size limit for greater uniformity.

Customize background and text colours.
- Change preset background and text colours to reflect toggle states, or simply to take personalisation to the next degree.
- Add symbols for quicker, more intuitive identification.

Creativity without constraints.
- 128 banks of 4 pages
- 6 presets per page
- Each preset sends up to 32 messages
- With more than 3,000 presets at your disposal, you'll never run out of space again. Creativity knows no bounds. Neither should your controller.

The most comprehensive array of connections ever.
- Five-pin MIDI In and Out/Thru
- Connect with ease of mind, to devices new and old.

USB-C Device and Host
- Via the Device port, connect to your computer and mobile devices to control your DAWs and software. MC6 Pro can be bus powered here.
- With the Host port, connect directly to other MIDI USB devices such as the Source Audio C4 Synth, Line 6 Pod Go and Zoom Multistomps without the need for a MIDI USB host, which is costly and cumbersome.

- 4x Omniports can function as TRS MIDI Outputs, Expression Pedal Inputs or Aux Switch Inputs depending on your needs. Each port can be set independently to offer you the most utility for your setup.
- Omniports are proof, that you can have it all.

Relay Switching
- Control devices that employ relay switching even if they don't have MIDI.
- This includes amps that support channel switching, delay pedals with tap inputs, Strymon pedals with Favourite switch inputs and JHS pedals with Red Remote inputs.
- Two Relay Interfaces built into one controller.

3.5mm TRS MIDI In and Out/Thru
- Designed for maximum convenience when using a wireless MIDI adaptor like the CME WIDI Jack, these ports transmit data and also power the adaptor.
- Simply plug and play, for an effortless wireless MIDI experience.

The Morningstar Editor you've come to know and love
- now even better with a new and improved interface.
- Available on desktop and mobile.

​Enclosure Dimensions
180 x 500 x 50 mm


Bead blasted aluminium enclosure
6x soft touch foot switches
3x color LCD display

Power Requirements
9-12V DC center negative
Minimum 250mA
Minimum 350mA if using Relay Ports
USB Bus Power

No. of Banks: 128
Pages per Bank: 4
Presets per Page: 6
Total number of Presets: 3,072

I/O Ports
1x 5-pin MIDI In
1x 5-pin MIDI Thru
1x USB Type C (Device)
1x USB Type C (Host)
4x Omniport
2x Relay Switching Port
1x 3.5mm TRS MIDI Out
1x 3.5mm TRS MIDI In