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Milkman Sound | The Amp | 50W Guitar Amplifier Pedal | Based around 12AX7 Tube Preamp

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US Purveyors of classy vintage tone Milkman have unveiled an incredible unit that packs heaps of genuine valve-powered sound into a pedal-sized unit: say hello to The Amp! 

This incredibly pint-sized bit of gear is powered by a single 12AX7 valve and a class-D power amp; it delivers an oustanding 50 watts power at 8ohms or 100 watts at 4ohms!

Valve power

You've got 3-knobs on the preamp EQ controls, allowing plenty of room for your tone to breathe - but in reality, this thing relies on its punchy valve power to deliver astonishing tone without hassle! It also conceals a digital spring reverb that is highly responsive (you honestly won't believe that it's digital) and an analogue tremolo built-in. You really can attain red hot vintage sounds and effects with this thing - no more lugging around your retro-style 2x12 combo! 

Ultimate travel amp 

The circuitry feeds into multiple outputs; you've got a headphone out, a speaker out (speakon or 1/4" jack), a pedal out (if you want to utilise its tone in your effects chain rather than as an amplifier) and finally an XLR out with cab sim. It really does tick all the boxes, making it the ultimate travelling performance and recording companion, without compromising on tone!

Here's what Milkman says about The Amp:

What is The Amp? First and foremost, it’s a 50W Guitar amplifier. The preamp is based around a single 12AX7 running at high voltage in a discrete Class A circuit. The tube preamp reacts with a guitar the same way any tube amplifier does: it generates harmonics and the sweet sounding high fidelity tone that tubes are known for. Along with tube EQ. there is on-board reverb and tremolo effects so that The Amp can be used as a grab and go amplifier. Foot switches for bypassing the effects are built in. A Class D power section delivers 50 watts into 8ohms, or 100 watts into 4ohms. The Speakon combination jack for speaker output takes either a standard 1/4” connection or a locking Speakon connector for extra security.

The Amp has an integrated headphone amplifier which sounds identical to the output from a speaker. This is perfect for practice, auditioning pedals, or for those times when noise is not appropriate. The Amp can operate with no speaker attached so it can live on a pedalboard and go wherever the pedals go. Speaking of travel, The Amp has a universal IEC power input. It can run from 100 to 260 VAC. No matter where it is on Earth, it can be plugged into a wall socket and used with no need for additional power accessories.

How about a compact studio quality tube preamp? The internal XLR output delivers a balanced line level output. There is no modeling or simulation involved, no menus or presets to give option anxiety. It is very straightforward and simple to get great tone from the tube preamp of The Amp and use it as the front end for a modeling system, recording setup, or for playing direct on stage.


  • 50 watts (8ohms) or 100 watts (4ohms)
  • Fuelled by a single 12AX7 valve
  • Class-D power amp
  • Universal Voltage
  • 3-knob preamp controls
  • Digital spring reverb
  • Analog tremolo 
  • Outputs: speakon, 1/4" jack, pedal out, XLR with cab sim, headphone out