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McPherson Guitars | Custom Shop Order | 12 Tonewoods & Custom Size | Order Deposit

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McPherson guitars has consistently pushed the envelope of modern acoustic guitar design. For over 30 years they have created guitars aimed to delight and surprise the musicians playing them. From the off set soundhole, unique body shape and bracing patterns, cantilevered fingerboard extension and selection of premium materials they strive for the finest sound an acoustic guitar can offer.

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The number of notes is finite. The number of melodies is limitless. And the way that each person plays those chords and melodies has the potential to be truly one-of-a-kind. Now your choices in materials, inlays, and personal touches will join forces with the principled engineering and construction that have resonated with guitar aficionados for decades. A unique sound that is truly your voice.

  • 12 tonewood options
  • A unique array of back and side options
  • Wood inlay designs
  • Fully customizable

"In my 40 plus years of playing I have occasionally thirsted for an acoustic that would also provide that inspiration, but in a much different way. I have purchased many high-end guitars. All were good, but all left me LOOKING. Looking for something that truly inspired me. I can truly say my search has ended. It ended when I purchased my McPherson 1 1/2 years ago. It does much more than allow me to play some tunes. From the first touch each time I play it my heart opens up and the notes come out." - Don Sorensen

Offset Sound Hole
The signature McPherson offset sound hole leaves more surface area for the most resonant part of your guitar’s top.

Cantilevered Neck
The unique cantilevered neck on a McPherson Guitar is not glued or connected to the top of the guitar in any way. This design allows the soundboard to vibrate to its fullest potential.

Overpass & Underpass Bracing
With Matt McPherson's patented overpass/underpass bracing system, the top’s braces cross each other, but never touch or inhibit vibration.
This frees the braces to vibrate independently while still lending structural support, maximising soundboard vibration and resonance. Playing a McPherson is believing!

Handcrafted to perfection
All of our guitars are handcrafted to perfection in the heart of Sparta, WI. Every guitar goes through the Certified McPherson Check. Where our Master Luthiers inspect every detail in the vigorous build process. You’re not investing in a “off the line” guitar, but a guitar made from the very grit of American hands. It’s the perfect combination.