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Limetone | JACKAL | Distortion | High Gain Drive w/ EQ & Bite Mode

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A drive pedal that has both power and sound omission without crushing picking nuances while having high gain.
The simple operation of level, gain, and 3EQ produces a high-quality drive sound.

We are good at high gain, and it is possible to create a wide range of characters by setting EQ, especially in the middle. By turning on the bite mode, you can add a unique bite feeling to the picking nuances.

When the plexi switch is turned on, the amount of distortion is greatly reduced, and the pedal turns into a pedal with the unique edge feeling of a plexi-type amplifier.

BALANCE, RESONANCE, and PRESENCE trims are available inside for professionals.
The EQ changes significantly more than the treble, middle, and bass on the front surface, and you can dynamically change the ultra-low range, mid range, and high range of JACKAL.

Note: Be sure to use a DC9V center minus adapter to connect. It operates by boosting to 18V inside JACKAL.

Please note that it will break down if you connect a DC12V or 18V adapter. It can be used without problems if it is less than 10V such as 9.6V.

If you turn the level knob above 12 o'clock, you may hear a rustling sound when you turn the knob, but this is not a malfunction but a specification.