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Limetone | FOCUS-NX | Studio Quality Compressor | w/ Colour Knobs (2x Mid Controls) & Boost

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Compression, clean boost / gain boost, and midrange sound adjustments. It is a pedal with a completely new concept that allows you to control all of them intuitively.

There are five knobs: compression, level, gain, color1 and color2.
The compression function follows focus, which is the compressor pedal of Limetone Audio, and realizes studio equipment quality compression with a simple operation. You can intuitively grasp the state of compression by the timing when the LED turns on, the intensity of the light, and the timing when the LED turns off.

The level and gain knobs are located after compression, and clean boost by level and gain boost by gain are possible. Especially for gain boost, the tone curve setting is optimal for pushing the distortion of the subsequent pedal / amp, and you can create a powerful drive sound.

Both color1 and color2 are knobs for operating the midrange, and the 12 o'clock direction is flat. By boosting and cutting a limited range that cannot be operated with an amp or ordinary effector, it is possible to create and drive sounds that could not be set until now.
Also, as a feature of FOCUS-NX, if you turn either color 1 or 2 above 15:00, you can produce a sound with a characteristic midrange. Color1 has a slightly higher frequency and color2 has a slightly lower frequency. Raising color1 to near the maximum value gives a modern sound, and raising color2 gives a traditional half-stop wah-like sound. (Although it is assumed that only one of them will be raised, it is possible to raise both to create a more aggressive sound.)

Each function (compressor, booster, midtone shifter) can be selected to be used or not used by setting the knob, and each function can be used individually or in combination.