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Limetone | FOCUS | Studio Quality Compressor Boost | w/ Gain & EQ | White

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Colour: White

Focus is a studio-grade compressor with Gain, Level, Bass and Treble control. The guitar's signal travels through the compression circuit, to Gain where it can enjoy some very warm preamp action; on to Level for any makeup level needed and the routed in parallel to Bass and Treble controls. From the tone controls it is summed at the output and sounds generally amazing. If you're looking for super smooth compression with a ton of tone control, you should consider the Focus. - Brett Kingman

A studio equipment quality compressor that specialises in soft compression that does not impair the nuances of performance, and supports a wide range of compression from soft compression to hard compression.

There are five knobs: compression, level, gain, treble, and bass. By removing the concepts of threshold, ratio, attack time, and release time, you can intuitively create sounds in 3 steps: compression setting, level adjustment, and tone correction.

Equipped with an LED that displays the amount of compression, you can intuitively grasp the state of compression by the timing when the LED turns on, the intensity of the light, and the timing when it goes out.

The level and gain knobs are located after the compression, and the volume that is lowered by the compression is raised (returned) cleanly by the level or warmed like a vacuum tube by the gain (returned). You can choose. It is also possible to set any balance.

The treble and bass are flat at 12 o'clock, and by adjusting the treble and bass, you can change and adjust the character of the compressed sound to your liking.

You can also boost the volume with the level and gain knobs, and it can also be used as a booster.