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Limetone | BASE | 2 Ch Loop Switching Signal Routing Box

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A signal routing box that receives an external latch signal and opens and closes the two effect loops to be mounted.

When controlling with the latch signal from the switcher, you can control the ON / OFF of Loop1 and Loop2 of Limetone BASE on the switcher side. By inputting the signal output from the output of the switcher to Limetone BASE, the number of loops of the switcher can be increased by two. It can also be controlled from an external foot switch (latch type).


The shape can be laid under the effector, and the function of the board can be expanded without wasting the space of the effect board.

When you connect the DC9V center minus adapter to the side and supply power, the green LED on the front lights up.
Loop1 is controlled by the Tip side of the TRS phone cable (stereo plug) connected to control1 / 2, and Loop2 is controlled by the Ring side.
When Loop1 is turned on, the pink LED on the front lights up, and send1 and return1 on the back are enabled.
When Loop2 is turned on, the blue LED on the front lights up, and send2 and return2 on the back are enabled.

Signals flow in series in the order of input → Loop1 → Loop2 → output.
If nothing is connected to send and return, the signal will be bypassed even if Loop is turned on. (The signal will not be interrupted.)

In consideration of sound quality, it is handmade by using two types of solder properly. Like all Limetone Audio products, it provides high quality sound signal routing.