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Lewitt | DTP BEAT KIT 7 PRO | 7 Piece Drum Mic Kit | CARDIOID

by Lewitt
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Your professional drum recording arsenal.

From upscale studio projects to big live acts, the DTP BEAT KIT PRO 7 provides the reliable premium gear you need for a memorable performance.

Lewitt DTP 640 REX

Get massive kick drum sound with the dual-element mic.

The DTP 640 REX is a dual-element microphone designed to accurately capture the sound of your kick drum. It consists out of two phase-aligned capsules, one condenser, and one dynamic side. You can switch between three sounds for more flexibility for studio and live applications.

Unique sound for kick drums and other bass-heavy instruments. 

Lewitt MTP 440 DM

The snare is in the center. Make it sound great.

The MTP 440 DM is tailored for your snare drum, guitar amp, or wind instrument.

It features a high-performance capsule that delivers a remarkably punchy and lively sound. 

Lewitt DTP 340 TT

Target your toms and percussion with punch.

Our DTP 340 TT is a dynamic microphone specifically designed to accurately capture the sound of drums and percussion instruments. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum isolation of the instrument in studio and live applications.

Detailed and punchy sound for drums and amplifiers. 

Lewitt LCT 340

Experience great detail on your overheads.

Our LCT 340 features a precisely tailored small diaphragm capsule. It performs incredibly well, live, and in the studio. Its excellent transient response and flat frequency response retain the natural musicality of your acoustic instruments.

The result is a beautifully clear and perfectly honest sound.

Please note: There are two versions of the BEAT KIT PRO 7 available. One includes both, cardioid and omni capsules; the other comes with cardioid capsules only. 

Lewitt LCT 340

For more flexibility.

The BEAT KIT PRO 7 includes cardioid and omnidirectional capsules for the LCT 340. 

Two versions of the Beat Kit Pro 7 are available: One including both, cardioid and omnidirectional capsules for the LCT 340, and a 'cardioid only' version.


7-piece quality drum kit containing:
1 x DTP 640 REX Microphone
3 x DTP 340 TT Microphones
2 x LCT 340 Microphones (CARDIOID CAPSULE ONLY)
1 x MTP 440 DM Microphone

2 x LCT 40 Ws windshields
5 x DTP 40 Mts shock mounts
4 x DTP 40 Mt drum mounts
1 x MTP 40 MCs shock mount.

Comes in a black carrying case with double foam layers and artificial leather faces for easy travel and secure storage.
All microphones feature frequency responses specifically tailored for drums and percussion instruments.

Highly durable all-metal constructed bodies and hardened steel mesh grilles for reliable performance onstage and in the studio.

There are TWO versions of the Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 Drum Microphone Kit. This particular kit contains ONLY the Cardioid capsules for the included LCT340 overhead pencil-condenser microphones. If you only want the kit with BOTH the Cardioid AND Omni-directional capsules, see the 58/DTPBK7DUAL