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Lehle | RMI Basswitch | SONIC SPARK | Tube Sound Enhancer Preamp Boost | Discontinued

by Lehle
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Legendary Bass Preamp known for Marcus Miller's Preamp Boost - HERE

The Basswitch Sonic Spark combines the renowned preamp of the Basswitch IQ DI with a harmonic overtone generator integrated into a complex EQ section. It can be used as a booster, be teamed up with the Basswitch IQ DI or work as a preamp in front of a power amp, an active monitor or bass cab. Lehle True Sound Technology, German manufacturing and best brand components provide maximum reliability and optimal treatment of the electrical signal. Uncompromising in sound and build quality the Basswitch Sonic Spark will give your bass a new sonic shine and prepare you for any situation, be it in live performance or recording sessions.

High End Preamp

Do not let the size fool you, this compact pedal offers you a high end bass preamp with a discrete JFET-input stage and a studio standard dynamic range of 100 dB. 15 dB of gain and boost allow you to use the Basswitch Sonic Spark as a stand-alone booster, as a second channel of the Basswitch IQ DI or as a compact stand-alone preamp in front of a power amp, an active monitor or bass cab.


Powerful sonic enhancement section

The sonic flavouring circuitry of the Basswitch Sonic Spark allows for complex EQ setting and EQ intensity adjustments with only two control buttons. A third button adjusts the harmonic overtone content of your tone. Let your instrument seduce you with a whole new deep, rich and detailed voice that yet continues to reflect its characteristic sound.

Lehle footswitch on board

The Basswitch Sonic Spark is equipped with a high quality Lehle footswitch. An actuator button activates a pushbutton via a metal lever and the load exerted by the foot is absorbed by the actuator button and the housing, preserving the circuit board from mechanical stress. Inside the Basswitch Sonic Spark the impulse from the pushbutton activates special gold plated relays via discrete logic circuitry guaranteeing signal loss free switching of very sensitive signals. The switching technology in the Basswitch Sonic Spark is designed to operate for up to two million switching cycles!


Lehle True Sound Technology inside

Lehle True Sound Technology combines a series of electrical design measures to insure an optimal treatment of the electrical signal of the instrument. The supplied voltage is rectified, filtered, stabilized and brought to 18V. This allows for sufficient headroom even when confronted with strong pickup power peaks. The Lehle buffers effortlessly handle signals reaching the megahertz range. At the output, the frequency bandwidth is limited to the audible frequency range to prevent HF interference. The Lehle True Sound Technology is a key element to the outstanding sonic performance of our products.

Size & weight

  • Weight: 390 gr
  • Lenght: 14,9 cm
  • Width: 6,0 cm
  • Overall height: 4,4 cm


  • Voltage range: 9-15V AC/DC
  • Power consumption: 65 mA


  • Frequency range: 20Hz–75KHz (+0,5/-3dB)
  • Distortion: <0,2%, (enhance off)
  • Input impedance: 3,2 MΩ@1KHz
  • Output impedance: 58 Ω@1KHhz
  • Residual noise: <78 dBu (22Hz-22KHz, unweighted, all pots@12 o'clock)


  • Max level: 15V DC (16 dBu)
  • Max gain: +14/-15 db <0,1% THD, 1 KHz