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Lee Custom Amp | 12AU7PRE | Tube Driven Preamp & Clean Boost | Silver & Blue Knob

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Experience unparalleled clarity, dynamics, and tonality with the 12AU7PRE, a tube-driven preamp and booster designed and wired by the former chief engineer of KORG & VOX in Japan. Using only hand-selected top-shelf components, this product exemplifies the best in class craftsmanship.


  • Preamp Tube : JJ Electronic 12AU7 (ECC82)
  • Controls: Treble (top), Bass (mid), Volume (bottom)
  • Internal Switches: SW1= Treble Frequency, SW2= Bass Frequency
  • Power: DC 9V, Internal Voltage= 100V
  • Construction: Compact aluminium chassis, designed and crafted in Japan

The 12AU7PRE is renowned for its clean boost capabilities and wide range, offering a high-fidelity experience. Unlike the 12AX7BB, it has a higher distortion threshold, making it an excellent choice for both electric guitars and basses.

Additional Details:

  • All-tube circuitry: Follows a path from amplification stage → TONE circuit → amplification stage → volume, providing a response akin to that of an amplifier.
  • Dip Switch: Allows switching between HIGH and LOW frequency bands.
  • Note: This product does not include a buffer mode.

Elevate your sound with the precision and quality of the 12AU7PRE, designed for musicians who demand the best.